Miley Cyrus turns Michael Jordan jersey into outfit fit for twerking (Photo)

Miley Cyrus followed up her twerktastic (and appalling) performance at the MTV Video Music Awards by posting another attention grabbing photo on her Instagram to promote a new song titled “23″ with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

As you can probably tell, the song “23″ referring to the number worn by NBA legend Michael Jordan.

To promote the song, the former Disney star turned a Jordan jersey in to a bikini of sorts to fit her new “grown up” image. It is an outfit suited for her latest twerking phase.

Here is the result of Miley Cyrus’ latest attempt to gain attention… I mean, be herself:

Photo via Miley Cyrus on Instagram

Oh, Miley.

It is all starting to make more sense when you remember that her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus.

I knew a Destiny once, but she charged money to dance. The outfits were similar, though.

We cannot confirm the following, but we would imagine that Jordan’s response to the photo and song has to be something like this:

If you are interested in listening to the song that she is trying to promote, you can check it out below:

WARNING: The song is as awful as you would imagine it to be:

Lord help us all…

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