Super Mario Brothers parkour (Video)

While Madden NFL 25 is occupying the time of gamers across the world, there is still one game that will always be one of the best every created — Super Mario Bros. There really isn’t anything Super Mario Bros. related that isn’t awesome, and this latest video that was brought to my attention by Patrick Gordon of certainly fits the bill.

What happens when you mix Mario, Luigi and parkour? Well, greatness ensues.

Two incredibly athletic men went on a parkour run — I don’t know what they call it, so that is my best shot — dressed as Mario and Luigi, and there were some some classic Mario items edited in to make the video even greater.

After watching the video through twice, I have decided that this may be the best Super Mario Bros. parkour video ever in the history of Everdom. At the very least, this one will be tough to top.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, trust me, you will want to.

Simply click play on the video below and enjoy every second of the video. If you like Mario Brothers and anything awesome, then you won’t be able to get enough of this video.

[H/T: Fan IQ]

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