Winter Olympics 2014: USA hockey jerseys for Sochi Games revealed (Photo)

Nike has revealed the hockey jerseys the United States team will wear during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Nike also makes the US’s jerseys for the soccer team and the basketball teams. The jerseys are very simple, elegant and classic. Both jerseys have blue shoulders with stars on them probably in some kind of rubbery texture. The blue jersey flows down into the chest and the it has red and white stripes on the shoulders. The white jersey has a red line across the body separating the blue shoulders from the white uniform.

Both jerseys feature a large NFL like shield on the chest. The top is blue with “USA” in white across it, the lower roughly 3/4′s of the shield are the red and white stripes. We kind of got a preview of the uniforms, the shield logo in particular, when we saw the team practicing.

The jerseys look similar to Russia’s Nike jerseys. They also have blue shoulders with stripes on the arm and a national logo front and center on the chest. They also have the same fake lace tie below the collar.

I personally like the USA jerseys and think Nike did a great job. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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