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Breaking Bad: What if Walter White gave Hank the wrong CD?

On the most recent episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White delivered a bomb shell with a disk he handed to his brother-in-law Hank during a meeting. The video started off as Walter’s confession before he went on to pin the entire meth empire on Hank in a moment that stunned the fans of the show.

It was genius and really set up for an incredible ending for the final run of the show, but what would have happened if Walt had delivered a different CD to Hank by mistake that would have unearthed an even darker secret?

That is exactly what happens in a hilarious video that surfaced on YouTube.

The video mashes together clips from the chilling Breaking Bad episode and a scene from Bryan Cranston’s time as the fun-loving father on Malcolm in the Middle.

The clip includes Cranston and his ridiculous roller skating dance as Hank and Marie look on in pure shock. It was a perfect way to combine Cranston’s roll and showcase his diversity, while giving a laugh to fans of the show.

After all, Walt is a far cry from the flamboyant dancing father.

You have to check out the video below and enjoy what could have been one of the more hilarious moments in Breaking Bad history. While it is entertaining, we are happy that the show delivered the powerful moment it did and can’t wait to see what follows up.

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