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Johnny Manziel suspended for first-half of season-opener

After plenty of speculation regarding the status of Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel, it looks like we may have a resolution. According to reports, the Heisman Trophy winner will be on the sidelines for the first-half of the team’s season-opener against Rice.

Manziel will be suspended by the NCAA for the first two quarters of the game and will then lead the team on to the field for the second half.

Billy Liucci had the scoop:

The one half suspension likely means that the NCAA was informed Manziel will not be found guilty of accepting money for his autograph signings. This is obviously great news for the Aggies as they can now shift their attention to the season ahead.

Even better is the fact that Manziel will be on the field for the team’s third game of the season against Alabama — the game that we all want to see.

In Manziel’s absence, freshman Kenny Hill is expected to get the start. He has seen a majority of the second-team reps in practice.

Hopefully, this suspension will put the autograph scandal behind us and allow everyone to focus on what is important moving forward — football.

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  • Bryan Fritchie

    Sounds unrelated to the autograph incident. If he is innocent – why suspend him at all? If he is guilty, he’d be gone permanently.

  • Skip Miketinas

    This is A Bull S**T move by the NCAA! There is more to this, but the NCAA will lose tons of revenue if they suspend him. All about the Benjamins and those that disgrace the game get away with it! Half of a game against a team that A&M’s 3rd team could beat! And you wonder why more & more bad things are going on in college sports!

    • DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap

      You got that right, it is all about the money.

    • Jim Ferrell

      How is that a BS move? Those that DISGRACE the game? HOW? For getting paid for something he OUGHT to be getting paid for? How many Johnny Football shirts is the NCAA selling? How many jerseys with his number on them? And why? Because of HIM…yet he’s allowed to make $0?!!! That’s what’s the DISGRACE….yes..if he was out on the field doing disgraceful things, gouging eyes, breaking arms..etc…sure…that’s a disgrace…but to get paid money when the NCAA is making MILLIONS off you… hardly a disgrace…..It’s just not fair to the players…..if it was you, I bet you’d want to get paid too…… for that, his parents are Oil barons….and don’t need $$….so to claim it’s all about the Benjamins is ignorant….

  • Danny Bowen

    Johnny Manziel found guilty.. Punishment, half game suspension, and one revenge game against Alabama that he will be forced to play in. ROLL TIDE!

    • Chad

      You should reread that. It says he WILL NOT be found guilty. Not he will be found guilty.

      • Danny Bowen

        You should re-read my statement.. and assume sarcasm.. this is the internet.

        • Jim Ferrell

          The Tide will be rolled again this year….they looked like crap in their first game, and the sissies wimped out by scheduling an off week before the hardest games on their wimpy schedule….unfortunately, that’s not going to help them in this case….Johnny will be on the field this weekend getting more experience…something that happened last year as well..each game, they got better and better….and ole ROLL TIDE is going to get slammed again this year…..LOL..and I just can’t wait….

  • gatorman3

    I agree with Brian. You’re innocent, but we are going to suspend you anyway, but only for a half game. Why not he second half? I’ve never even heard of a half game suspension. Perhaps he will be required to sit in the corner, with his helmet. Somehow I have a bad feeling that this is one of those situation where we will be hearing more several years down the road, after he has turned pro. I’d like to think he’s innocent, but this certainly kicks in the doubt factor.

    • Bob Papadazzio

      Brandon Spikes got suspended half a game a couple years ago when he got caught gouging Washaun Ealey in the eye. Of course, that one was from Urban Meyer rather than the NCAA.

      Either way, apparently half-game suspensions are a pretty clear indicator that there’s some bullshit going on.

  • Reggie Cofer


  • Dom

    So, we just legalized college players receiving compensation for autographs? So, can supporters pay them to play ball? Why not open the flood gates? Oh, it’s the Heisman guy.