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Facebook map shows what states have the most support in college football (Photo)

Facebook never struck me as a place to look for sports information, but that shows exactly what I know.

The social media company, on the heels of the NCAA football season opening last night, decided to pry into your privacy just a bit more and pluck out the ‘likes’ that each school in the Top 25 received, then pinned it on the location of the user.

Too complicated? Okay. Facebook took your like of a said football team, no matter who it was and said you supported that team and used your location against you. Kind of dumb, but it does lead to some interesting discussion.

For instance, holy crap, why are there so many Florida fans in New York and Massachusetts? And what did USC ever do to piss the San Diego area off to route for Oregon?

The data is hardly scientific, but as I said, there are some fun little things to point out.

What is clear though is that Texas, Nebraska and Oregon own the more rural parts of the country while each of the SEC states seems to stick true to their allegiances.

The map, as you can see, is broken down by county which means Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Oregon and Wisconsin were the only school’s who came away with clean sweeps in their home state.

And yes, you need to click the map to blow it up.

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