Kendrick Lamar talks about Control verse on Chelsea Lately (Video)

Kendrick Lamar has been making the media rounds since returning from Europe. While he was away Big Sean released the song “Control” which set the hip hop community ablaze. New York rappers were furious at his King of New York claim which led to a plethora of diss tracks.

Since returning state side and learning of the controversy he’s started Lamar has been making the media rounds talking about the verse. He called into Hot 97’s morning show to talk about the verse, and now he went on Chelsea Lately to talk about the verse.

“A lot of cats that I named, they’re actually good friends of mine and I basically wanted to show that I’m competitive,” Kendrick Lamar explained tonight on Chelsea Lately. “When you get out on the basketball court and you’re playin’…”

Chelsea Handler interrupted him and asked “What the f–k do you know about basketball?”  Poking fun at Lamar’s height.

“So, before music,” Lamar said, moving the conversation along..

“I wanted to be Michael Jordan. No, seriously,” he added as Chelsea gave him a look. “But like you said, I’m a small guy, I only grew to 5’6 and it deferred my dreams to writin’ rhymes…I have a lot of insight on hoopin’…Looks may be deceivin’ but…”

Lamar said that he didn’t intend to offend fellow rappers in the verse but was calling them out “in a competitive nature, like basketball…You know, Kobe vs. LeBron, I’m sure they’re good friends off the court…”But when you’re in that booth, you have to be able to annihilate whoever out there and that keeps the level of hip-hop alive, as far as the culture.”

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