Liverpool apologizes for “Munich” tweets

Liverpool got into some hot water over a controversial tweet. The club’s twitter account asked it’s fans for  for three songs to be played over the public address system at Anfield ahead of their match up against league champions Manchester United.

One user responded with the suggestions ‘Come Fly With Me’ by Frank Sinatra, ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ by Monty Python comedian Eric Idle and ‘I Like To Move It’, a 1994 dance track by Reel 2 Real.

Seems harmless enough right? Wrong.

Liverpool supporters have used these songs to mock United’s 1958 tragedy where 23 people, including 8 Manchester United players, died. They change the words to idle’s song to “Always look on the run way for ice,” and change the lyrics in the Reel 2 Real song to “I like to Munich, Munich.

Liverpool’s twitter account responded with “Have you been sneaking a look at the dressing room iPod?”

That brought about complaints and led to the tweet being deleted two hours later.

Liverpool responded in a statement, via ESPN FC:

“Liverpool Football Club responded quickly to correct the error of judgement that was made last night on its official Twitter account in responding to a distasteful and inappropriate tweet. The club took decisive action and the comment was deleted swiftly.

“We apologise, unreservedly, for any offence that was caused by this mistake.”

A Manchester United spokesman said: “We welcome the apology.”

Even if you delete a Tweet, usually the internet saves it:

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