Buck Showalter in trouble over Yankees comments

The hate for the New York Yankees (for anyone outside of New York) not only extends to the fans but it also apparently resides within baseball management. Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter had some words to say about the MLB, Yankees and the Alex Rodriguez situation which landed him a meeting with MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

Showalter insinuated that MLB was trying to do the Yankee’s a favour by helping them get out from under the Rodriguez’s contract through the Biogenesis scandal.

“If Bud lets them get away with that, they’re under the luxury tax. If they can reset, they can spend again, and I guarantee you in two years, Matt Wieters is in New York.”

Showalter reached out to Selig for a talk and the two had very “positive” talks about the situation. While the MLB doesn’t want to seem like they are giving any special treatment to the Yankees, if Rodriguez suspension is enforced they will be getting off the hook and it plays perfectly to the luxury tax. Showalter is just voicing the same opinion that most other people feel, the Yankee’s are going to benefit from the Rodriguez suspension. It’s time for the Yankee’s to lay in the bed they made with Alex Rodriguez.

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