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Johnny Manziel taunting?

Johnny Football has done it again.  In one afternoon he has managed to enrage the media and sparkle on the football field with his play.

Much has already been made about Manziel’s hand gestures and ignoring his coach as he ran by him to the sideline, but many people have wanted to know, what exactly did he say to earn his team a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalty? Well the wait may be over. 

According to a twitter post from Rice defensive back Nick Elder, Manziel’s trash talk was directed at him.  Here is what was said:



Now I have never been a football referee, and I have heard of “magic words” existing in baseball which will earn a player a quick ejection, but this doesn’t sound too serious.  Of course, if you rewatch the video you can see Manziel going back to say something else and appearing to point to the scoreboard, which definitely can be construed as taunting.

Regardless of what he said I have a feeling that we have not even come close to hearing the last of this situation.


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