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Lil Wayne delays release of Dedication 5

Lil Wayne’s fifth installment of the Dedication mixtape series was originally going to be released on August 24th according to assumptions based on a tweet to a fan promising 10 days. Then there were reports that the mixtape would be released on August 30th.

August 30th came and went with no mixtape, and Lil Wayne took to his twitter account to explain. To sum it up, Lil Wayne wanted to make some additional entries at the last minute and that caused the delay. The last minute songs were “too dope to miss” the mixtape.

Mack Maine posted some videos to Instagram (at the bottom of the post) of Lil Wayne laying down the last few lyrics. The release date for the mixtape is still unknown however, so for now everyone will have to wait and see.

Mack Maine posted Instagram videos of Lil Wayne finishing the last few verses.

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