Apr 10, 2013; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino addresses the crowd of fans at the KFC YUM! Center during their celebration for winning the NCAA Men

Louisville basketball head coach Rick Pitino has half million dollar car (Photo)

They say college athletics aren’t about money, rather education.

I guess that doesn’t apply to coaches as Louisville’s head basketball coach, Rick Pitino has himself a pretty fancy ride. Actually, a near half a million dollar fancy ride to be exact.

The Lexus LFA is a very rare (only 500 or so were made) vehicle created by Lexus, which has been deemed the most expensive road-ready (as in, not a race car) car in Japanese history.

Naturally, who better to have one than Pitino?

University of Louisville star Luke Hancock blew out Pitino’s secret ride when he posted a picture of the absurdity on Instagram earlier this week, so as if that car didn’t attract enough attention, now people in the Kentucky area will be actively looking for it.

I suspect a few brave Wildcat fans might be on the lookout for it too, complete with eggs in their pockets.

I’d keep that bad boy wrapped up in your garage during the season, coach.

In fairness to Rick, I’m sure he bought that car thanks to his successful NBA coaching career.

Har. Har.

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