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Mike D'Antoni's communication with Jamison, other players, was poor

So, Antwan Jamison has signed on with the Clippers. He loved LA, but just not the Lakers. One of the reasons why he left the Lakers was a break down of communication with coach Mike D’Antoni.

Mike was pretty much put in a difficult situation,” Jamison said. “There was no training camp where he could get a feel for guys. There was a breakdown of communication when we first got there. And throughout the season it was kind of up and down.

Thanks to Sporting News for the quote and story.

So, obviously the Lakers had troubles with chemistry last season. At this point, you can’t blame one person. D’Antoni was brought in to get results and I’ll bet there was quite a bit of pressure to make something happen. Jamison did say he had no hard feelings towards his coach. He pretty much understood, or at least tried to understand, D’Antoni’s position.

So, for this next season, now that D’Antoni’s got the opportunity to use training camp to get a feel for the players, communication shouldn’t be a major issue. Communication is key for success in any group project. Considering that this season is just as important as last season, if D’Antoni still has these problems as Jamison says, then he may not make it through the season.

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