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Coaches brawl at end of high school football game in Alabama (Video)

Nov 10, 2012; Austin, TX, USA; Detailed view of a Nike football on the field before a game between the Texas Longhorns and Iowa State Cyclones at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A high school football game in Alabama ended on Friday with some fists being thrown by the coaches of Walker and Cullman high schools. Cullman defensive coordinator Matt Hopper and Walker head coach John Holladay were the two men that engaged in the fight following the final whistle.

Holladay was placed on administrative leave on Sunday after the Board of Education reviewed the incident, but Cullman decided not to punish anyone that was involved stating “there is no need to reprimand our coaches and players, that they acted with class and dignity during the situation.”

Hopper left the field with a nasty shiner and blood pouring from his face. You can see the photo of Hopper after the brawl below.

As for the result of the game, Cullman took home a 13-10 win.

For those who want to see the brawl beginning before police interrupted the men and broke up the fight, there is video of the entire incident below:

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  • Blake Britton

    Class and dignity? I’m not sure about anyone else, but to me it looked like the Cullman coach was saying something to the Walker coach and then the Walker coach punched him because of it. Who knows, I could be very wrong. As someone who has lived in Cullman for a few years (just moved out in January 2013), this kind of behaviour does surprise me. Walker on the other hand… doesn’t really surprise me.

    • Travis Stewart

      Well Walker coaches told their players not to meet at midfield to shake hands with Cullman. Very possible Coach Hopper said something to him about it but responding with a psychotic rage over your own classlessness is a little excessive. Glad as usual though that Sanchez tells the whole story… smh. Btw I am a Cullman Alumni and played ball for Coach Britton and Coach Hopper has always been a positive influence and inspiration to his players and students.

    • GoBigRed

      I would have said something to the Other coach as well, something like, “what’s your problem disrespecting our kids by not shaking their hands?” But, I would have slipped that punch and kicked him in the ding ding. Do ody would have been the wiser.

  • Lauren Allen Waites

    Trash vs Garbage

  • Barbara

    Looks like Hopper was trying to finish what Holladay started, but not a great example for a group of high school boys on either side.

  • Sandra Wise

    Wow!! Great examples for the kids under them. I am sure parents are real proud of these pathetic men this morning. Next their teams will take it up on the field and finish what their coaches started, fully believing that is the right thing to do!!1 What a shameful , classless act on both their parts!!!

  • summatyme

    Daaaaaamn! His face tho! What the suck!

  • Dar Win

    The photo on here looks doctored compared to the video footage.

  • hotdog

    Oh, I thought all Alabama High School Games ended that way. You learn something every day.

  • GoBigRed

    Well, anybody in the cullman coach’s position would have defended hisself.

    • RTR

      You must be retarded

  • jon anthony

    Yaaay Alabama! Classless inbred hicks being classless inbred hicks!

    • Queena Knox

      Awesome. In 1973 they built a new high school in Pontiac Mi with bullet proof windows and riot control electronic doorways to prevent the kids from killing each other when a fight broke out. Every state in the union…except Alabama… has had a teacher sleep with a seventh grader. Gang wars go on daily from the east coast to the west coast. But let us have two idiot coaches fight after a football game and it becomes a name calling stereotyping attack of the entire state! Oh…and by the way…those classless, inbred hicks must be damned good doctors and nurses because the best hospital in the world is here! It is where everyone with money wants to be if they are having ANY kind of heart, spine, eye, or orthopedic surgery! So before you start slinging mud be sure where you’re aiming it!!

      • LibertyHiller

        How does Alabama stack up when it comes to sixth graders?


        • Queena Knox

          Google that and see! I did. But have at it. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. I’m just a redneck hick!

          • LibertyHiller

            I’m impressed that you accomplished all of that with a chip on your shoulder that is apparently so massive that you had to walk through doors sideways.

            Surviving Pontiac is no big deal. Trust me on this one, because I’m from Saginaw.

            In summary: Lighten up, Francis.

          • Queena Knox

            That’s the best you’ve got? Lol! And what chip exactly? So you’re from Saginaw? How old are you? Do you “remember” a civil rights movement, forced busing, protests, fire bombings and the riots at Pontiac Central High? Or did you even exist at that time? Lol….and I don’t know what “chip” you’re referring to. I’m pretty content with my life. I know who I am, where I came from, where I’ve been, what I’ve been through and where I’m going. Which you know “nothing” about. Just as you know “nothing” about the people in this state. I know plenty about the people in Mi. And I assure you that life is far better here…than there. The people, the weather, the scenery…the view from my window right now is enough to remove any “chip” from anybody’s shoulder. Unless of course it isn’t “your” view….”Chippy!”

          • LibertyHiller

            I’m old enough to remember Brooks Patterson making his name in ’71 and ’72 by riling up the whites in Pontiac and stoking their fears of integration. As I recall, and as news archives confirm, most of the rioting, marching and bomb-throwing were coming from whitey. Wasn’t it the Klan who bombed the Pontiac bus yard? (Of course, you probably choose to remember it another way.)

            I am lucky enough to have family or friends from every state in the South; my best friend’s parents live in Daphne, so saying I know *nothing* about the people of Alabama is a stretch.

            I’m glad you’re happy there, but there’s a reason why the rest of the country points at you and laughs; this story isn’t helping, and your valiant defense of your home betrays your deep insecurities. (I don’t have to know your life story to read a “tell,” and you’re dropping those all over the table, hon.)

            You’re obviously not as content as you claim to be, given how much time you’re putting in as a one-woman Chamber of Commerce. Do you do this on every site where commenters talk smack about Alabama? If so, I’d love to see you over on Fark, assuming you’re up to it.

            PS: You may have a wall o’sheepskins, but your misuse of quote marks tells me written English isn’t one of your strengths.

      • Jim

        Yeah sure we all know Alabama has stellar education! Theyre high schools are ranked 45 out of the 50 states. The state motto should be “At least it’s not Mississippi” And AL was the state that had to be forced at Army gunpoint to admit black students. Yep… real progressive thinking YÁLL got down there.

        • Queena Knox

          Let’s see…that was how long ago now? Man some people will beat a dead horse until the hide falls off! Let’s look at the TRUE facts. Because heres one. I went to school in Pontiac. 1966 to 1977!! I remember WELL the Civil Rights Movement that went on THERE! Bombs,fires, riots…all those reasons that the school had to built with bullet proof windows. During ALL those years of school there…north of the Mason Dixon Line….I never had ONE black child in my classroom. There was one black child in the entire school at Baldwin Elementary in downtown Pontiac. And there was a brother and sister (our neighbors) in my high school. In the middle (junior high) there was never a child who was black. I taught school for 15 years in Alabama. Never one year passed that I didn’t have at least 10% black and 45% Hispanic students in my classroom. These children are “voted” cheerleader, homecoming queen, prom queen/king and so on by their peers. Racism is more alive and well in the north today than it is in the south. Now let’s look at YOUR grammar. “They’re” seriously? “They’re is equivalent to “they are!” So if you’re (you are) going for “their high schools” you bombed it! As for racial issues…Alabama had the first major league black baseball player on a white team. So if you’re going to look back more than fifty years at least look at ALL of it!!!

  • Jake Newton

    Holladay needs to be fired. PERIOD. Bad role model for the kids, and a loose cannon to have around the kids. Only a matter of time before he lays a hand on a child, if he hasn’t already. Cannot risk that. Fire him!

    • jeanie

      Exactly, very poor role model — you know – all the kiddos have access to the internet and video of their coach’s unsportsman like behavior, Parents input needed on this.

  • John Johnson

    Holloday is a cheating thug coach.

  • Brent Coulter

    The Head Coach should be fired immediatly, end of story. Those of us in the position of being Coaches are held to a higher standard and this is insanity at its best. The D Coordinator should be suspended for being involved, I realize he was defending himself but it is clear that he was more than willing to continue on given the opportunity. It’s a shame that this is not the first time it has happend and sadder still that it won’t be the last.

  • Matthew Turnage

    So it’s cool to punch another coach in the face and tell your team to not shake another team’s hands? His ass needs to go, It’s a game for children not for overcompensating adults