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Dedication 5: Lil Wayne- Levels lyrics

Lil Wayne released the highly anticipated Dedication 5 mixtape today. The mixtape collaboration with DJ Drama contains 29 tracks. He tackles a variety of popular songs like Kanye West’s “New Slaves,” 2 Chainz’s “Feds Watching” and Ace Hood’s “Bugatti.” The mix tape features The Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, Mack Maine, Vado, T.I., Euro & others.

The mixtape is living up to expectations and already has over a half a million downloads.

Here are the lyrics to the track “Levels,” via Rap Genius (we only included Lil Wayne’s verse):

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Man all you p***y n****s drive me crazy
Make me sick to my stomach, I feel nauseated
All you haters on hands and jump off a building
I could still taste her p***y, memorabilia
Backpack full of artillery
One me, no equivalent
These n****s actin like lil b***hes
I don’t understand this s***, Like you scribbled it
Took her clothes, step back and exhibit it
Then tear her a** up like a puppet ticket
The end of the road is at walking distance
Have to get that blood off my hands at the faucet drippin
In yo face like a airbag in a car collision
My weed man so consistent
I’m stayin rich, tryin not to make poor decisions
Everything I do I plan it out like a solar system
N**** if you clumsy you gon slip and fall a victim to me
Yo b***h’s sister makin pictures to me
Then she shoot over to my house, I screwed over in a bed
I shoot off in her mouth then she get the bullet uh
Skatin on em like I’m Lil Wayne
And the weed so strong I can feel veins
Bite it down, take a picture, now feel afraid
The drugs got me so numb I can’t feel ashamed
And my girl at home with the mood swings
Girl I gotta make a few runs like Usain
Wish I had a penny for my thoughts for some loose change
Hungry n****s going at yo neck for that food chain
Drop some pills that make me sleepy
Hoes creep me in they TP
I hope that p***y taste like kiwi
Hope it’s nicer than Tahiti, hopin I could get a freebie
Leavin a n**** body floatin with a mouth full of seaweed
With somebody weird backpack, that’s E.T.
Snitches give me the heebeegeebees
I hope they’ll disappear, where the f*** is Houdini?
I got n****s on my side, you got n****s on yo back
I’mma yell timber, money grow on trees
Money over queens, f*** you blow me
I sit back enjoy the breeze, hoes prettier than please
I don’t really do s*** but sit back and call the shots
She poured out her heart, I had it on the rocks
Red beam on yo head, that’s a cherry on top
You don’t wanna keep your cool, I know n****s that’ll die uh
I danced with the devil in my dreams
When I wake up I still hear the same song
Make me wanna blow a motherf***er brains out
Flow on a n****, I’m about to brainstorm
Lil n**** I’ll take yo main ho, make her call her homegirl, make em share the same d***
It’s that motherf****in Dedication 5, I just hope I’ll be alive to see a Dedication 6
Lil Tunechi

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