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Tim Tebow and CFL haven't talked yet

Tim Tebow’s time in the NFL could be coming to an end. After many thought he wasn’t going to get invited to an NFL training camp, the New England Patriots brought him in. They insisted on using him as a quarterback and not moving him to another position, but apparently that didn’t work out. The Patriots released him ahead of Saturday’s roster cut deadline.

That means that he can look at playing in the CFL for a decent salary and probably a plethora of endorsements. There is also the chance that Arena Football gives him another offer. As of right now however Tebow has not been in discussions with the CFL according to the Montreal Alouettes general manager.

From the Toronto Sun:

If Jim Popp has interest in Tim Tebow, he isn’t saying so. Tebow is “just one of the 35 names on the neg (negotiation) list,” said the Montreal Alouettes general manager, by text message Saturday. “Really nothing to discuss unless he came to the CFL. Have never had a conversation with him or his agent.” Tebow, released in New England, is on the Montreal neg list. Tebow, for the record, wants to pursue his dream of being an NFL quarterback .

If Tebow really wants to pursue being a starting quarterback in the NFL he might need to swallow his pride, go up to the CFL with that chip on his shoulder and prove his worth. A championship and some improved statistics and mechanics could have the NFL calling his name again.


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