What Makes Ubisoft One of The Best Third-Party Developers?

There are several successful third-party developers in the gaming industry, with the top companies being EA and Activision. They are the top dogs based on the money they make from their games. There are other companies that are just as good and one of them is constantly pushing the boundaries with engaging game play and making their games feel personal.

This company would be Ubisoft, and it all started with the Assassins Creed franchise. No one could have envisioned that with the start of this new IP, it would have this much success. The story is not going to win any awards that can captivate an audience, but the way the player is allowed traverse the universe is sheer brilliance, and the combat keeps improving as well.

It may seem like that the series is turning into another Call of Duty with the yearly releases, but with each new iteration in the series they manage to add something new that keeps gamers wanting more. The next game in the series has a chance to be the best one yet, where players get to experience the life of pirate and there will be naval battles as well.

This game is set to release in October, and Ubisoft will not just rely on the success of this game alone. They are set to release a brand new game called Watch Dogs in November and it’s shaping up to be one of the best game’s this year.

This game is different from the Assassins series, but still has some of the same elements in terms of stealth and allowing the player to roam freely in the environment they are playing in.

The one thing that sets Ubisoft apart from other game developers is that they are willing to take chances with their games and most importantly their games are just fun to play.



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