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Contract says Alabama administrators, football coaches must wear Nike golf clothing

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It appears as if fashion on the field isn’t the only concern of universities as according to the Portland Business Journal, the University of Alabama is legally bound to wear Nike clothing when they participate in any type of ‘golf outing’.

Per the PBJ:

The University of Alabama’s contract with Nike stipulates that “upper-level” administrators must wear Nike gear, seemingly mandating that university officials must wear Nike golf shoes on outings with donors. All of the contracts require athletic department personnel to wear the apparel of the sponsoring company. Alabama’s is the only one that seems to extend to the president’s office.

Have some nice new Under Armor shoes? No go. Maybe a nice new sweater vest from Adidas? Sorry. Well, what about a PING visor? Negative.

If you’re not dripped up and draped out in Nike golf apparel, you’ll be facing a hefty fine – assuming you’re an administrator or coach at Alabama.

This of course comes on the heels of Ohio State refusing to allow any NFL scouts to wear blue during their trips to the university.

The dress codes are becoming worse than a private school.

H/T The Big Lead

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