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Kevin Sumlin: Johnny Manziel's behavior has "painted himself in a box"

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin addressed his decision to bench quarterback Jonny Manziel during a press conference Tuesday. Former Chicago Bears former linebacker Brian Urlacher said that Manziel “acted like a punk.”

Quotes below from transcription of the Sumlin news conference:

“I had somebody come in and ask me about some money signal, whatever. Same thing he did last year. A couple other players around the country are doing that. But when he does it? It’s an issue. Has he painted himself into a box with things like that? Probably,” Sumlin said.

Manziel was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after jawing with a Rice defender, but at Rice linebacker defended Manziel on Twitter. When he came off the field Kevin Sumlin addressed him but the quarterback seemed to ignore him not making eye contact.

“It’s kind of amazing to me. He came off the field and I made two statements to him, neither one of which should he have responded to. They weren’t questions. They were direct statements that I can’t repeat right now. What amazes me is the perception that he ignored me. The worst thing that could have happened is for him to reply, based on what I told him. People saying he doesn’t listen to his coach and there’s no discipline in this program, they’re not around this program,” Sumlin said.

Texas A&M is going to continue to keep Manziel away from the media.

“Why isn’t he talking? Coming in here and saying words isn’t going to change some people’s opinions about who he is,” Sumlin said.

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