Jan 9, 2013; Barcelona, SPAIN; Lionel Messi poses with his four Ballon d

Lionel Messi supports Madrid's bid for 2020 Olympics

Jan 9, 2013; Barcelona, SPAIN; Lionel Messi poses. Mandatory Photo Credit: Rondeau/Presse Sports via USA Today Sports

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi spoke on Tuesday about his hopes that Madrid will win the bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee will select the host city in four days. The finalists are Madrid, Istanbul, and Tokyo.

Said Messi:

I don’t know whether my support will help. I think it is very important for a city to host the Games.


I was fortunate enough to participate in the Olympics and it is a fantastic experience for any athlete and I think it could be something very important for the city of Madrid. I think Madrid has a good chance for what it (the city) represents, Spain’s position in the world of sport, where it has triumphed in many different areas, and that can have an influence too.


I think it would be good for sport to award Madrid the Games and I support their bid from here (Reuters).

Previously, there was some concern that Messi would refuse to endorse Madrid’s bid because he’s a brand ambassador for Turkish Airlines, a major company that obviously supports Istanbul’s bid. Those fears were quelled by Spanish Olympic Committee president Alejandro Blanco, who said those reports were just rumors.

[Source: Reuters]

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