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Real Madrid has plan to recoup €200 million plus investment in Gareth Bale

Real Madrid spent a lot of money to get Gareth Bale and committed to a lot of money to Bale over the next six-years. All in all it’s a €200 million plus investment, that is a lot of money even for the world’s most valuable sports franchise. Real Madrid has a plan in place though to recover that money.

AS posted a story, headlined “Bale will sell 40,000 jerseys a season,” which unveiled details of how the club planned to “exploit the commercial potential” of the Bale.

“The sales of jerseys could multiply should the player begin the season on the right foot, scoring goals and putting on an exhibition,” the story predicts.

AS says Madrid president Florentino Perez and his right-hand man and marketing expert Jose Angel Sanchez are shifting their focus away from Far East and South American markets and towards the “Anglo-Saxon” market.

“The club are opening the Anglo-Saxon market after losing a share of the market elsewhere with the loss of Kaka, who has enormous pull in China and South America,” according to the story.

There is Bale’s own ‘Eleven of Hearts’ brand which will also bring in money for Madrid.

“With this it is expected to commercialise even clothes and jewellery which, according to the experts, could generate profits of €4 million a year,” AS’ story claims.

Bale and Adidas are reportedly renegotiating their commercial arrangement, Read Madrid will get a slice of that pie as well. Bale is going to appear on the cover of FIFA 2014 along side Barcelona’s Lionel Messi as well.

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