Trick-shot group sets world record for highest basketball shot (Video)

YouTube trick-shot group How Ridiculous broke the world record with a 321-foot shot and the tower they chose Euromast Tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

They said that “it took Kyle (the shooter) just 62 attempts!”

The record they broke was their own record of 223 feet. That means they beat the record by 98 feet, that is a huge leap forward. Not to mention it has to be pretty difficult, it’s open air and wind can be a factor. Wind surely had to be a factor and unlike some of the stadium trick shots we’ve seen where there is some protection from wind.

Still it’s really impressive and an incredible feat. Kudos guys!

[h/t] Bleacher Report

This is what the hoop looked like from their vanatage point:

You can barely see the hoop in that picture, to me that makes the 62 attempts even more impressive.

Photos from their Facebook page:

Their bio from How Ridiculous’s Facebook page:

“We’re a team of young guys passionate about sport, trick shots and making a difference. We want to inspire people to live selflessly, give generously and join us in the fight against child poverty.”
 The group also claims to have the greatest frisbee catch of all time.

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