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Florida Gators unveil ‘Black Out’ helmets (Photo)

April 6, 2013; Gainesville FL, USA; A detail view of Florida Gators wide receiver Solomon Patton (83) helmet during the spring practice for the Orange and Blue Deput at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators re-open their rivalry with the in-state Miami Hurricanes this weekend and there are some “BlackOut” helmets that have surfaced as a potential look for the team in Week 2. Florida has never been shy to tweak with their look and add some alternate Nike Pro Combat uniforms, so many believe that this could be the look the team rolls out when they face the Hurricanes for the first time in five years.

Here is an image of the black helmet, which was leaked by @GatorNationU Wednesday night on Twitter:

Personally, these are incredible.

I’m not too thrilled about the two-tone facemask, but the rest of the look is excellent and gives a modern look without going too far.

What are your thoughts of the new-look helmet? Is this something that you’d like to see that Gators rock on the field? It would certainly be a unique look.

Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with all of us.

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  • Brett Summers

    Why does every team feel the need to try and look like the Power Rangers? I’m all for updating and changing the uniforms but turn the dial down a bit.

  • John

    More of this black uniform crap? This look is getting tired.


    Some guy made this in his basement, not real

  • Jim
  • Brad Tisdale

    Incredibly ULGY. Good God, the Gators orange helmet is one of the best in college football!

  • T Bailey

    Yeah, this is real smart: 12 noon game, in Miami, 118 degrees on the field, FULL SUN, yeah, wear Black… real smart. I will rethink my BullGator membership if they did this color change. The gators are Orange and Blue, not Orange, blue, baby blue, black, white and pink.

  • George Adkins

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • shane

    AWESOME!!! I’m not a gator fan but well done

  • Travis Hill


  • Jay Martin

    These are concept helmets, not official UF helmets at all. A simple Twitter search shows that clearly…

  • Daniella

    @GatorNationU is not an official Florida Gators twitter account. This is fake.

  • David L. Carlisle

    Why does every team want to wear black all the time? Black doesn’t make you look like a bad ass. WEAR YOUR SCHOOL COLORS! If your colors are orange and blue, wear orange and blue. If your colors are green and white, wear green and white. I don’t care if your school colors are hot pink and sh*t brown, WEAR YOUR SCHOOL COLORS! STOP TRYING TO WEAR BLACK IF IT’S NOT YOUR SCHOOL COLORS!

  • Zach Terry

    Ugly…Do more research Josh Sanchez

  • Jay Medeiros

    Man those look aweful

  • Alex M

    The Official Florida Gator Facebook page posted a photo of their regular orange helmets getting packed up for the Miami trip. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything different this Saturday.

  • Jerry Crowe

    This is a dumb idea. Black helmets in the south Florida heat?? Remember when Georgia did this a few years ago in Jacksonville. What idiot came up with this idea. Go ahead and put this in the loss column. How many guys will pass out from over-heating???

  • Dave Meccariello


  • Nicholas Bramos

    Some fan made these. They aren’t for real. Pick up the phone, make a call and do some research. It’s called journalism you hack.

  • Timothy Edington

    A simple twitter search would show that the Gators definitely aren’t wearing these tomorrow. Are we sure you’re a journalism major?

  • Jeremy Countryman

    Butt heinous.