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Johnny Manziel on TIME cover: "It's Time To Pay College Athletes

Texas A&M’s polarizing Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel ruffled a lot of feathers this offseason with his antics and off field issues. After serving a slap on the wrist of a suspension, the first half, Manziel gave his detractors more ammo as he taunted Rice linebackers signing air autographs, and throwing up a “show me the money” sign.

The scandal around whether Johnny Manziel took money or not has given new life to the debate about whether college players should make money. Schools and the NCAA make millions off student-athletes who get compensated very little in comparison, mainly just scholarships.

Jay Bilas discovered that by searching players names on the NCAA’s website you could find merchandise related to them, in other words despite whatever the NCAA says they’re profiting of the likeness of their athletes. The athletes however aren’t seeing any of that money.

After Bilas called the NCAA out very publicly on Twitter, the NCAA took down the search feature.

Manziel as the poster child for the debate was an obvious choice for the cover of the magazine.

Meanwhile on the cover the Syrian conflict is a footnote. Alyssa Milano is probably upset and wants everyone to focus on the more important issues like she demonstrates in her ‘sex tape.’

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