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The third movie in the Chronicles of Riddick trilogy is set to open Friday, September, 6th. This is the final chapter of the story and comes 9 years after the third installment in the series. Riddick is a escaped convict that has been trying to escape the pursuits of bounty hunters but in this third installment he faces a foe that more lethal than any human he’s encountered before, aliens predators.

Director: David Twohy
Stars: Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, Karl Urban, Jordi Molla
Rated: R
Length: 1 hr. 59 min.
Release Date: September 6th, 2013

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: ROTTEN 56%

Out of the 44 critics that reviewed the movie for Rotten Tomatoes, 25 declared if fresh while 19 labeled it rotten. Unfortunately the “Tomatometer” isn’t a majority rules system.

The audience seems to be interested and 98% said they want to see it.

Here are some of my favorite reviews:


Watching this see-in-the-dark muscleman brooding against gorgeous otherworldly vistas, all while crafting pointy homemade weapons and befriending a scene-stealing CGI canine (no joke), is a sci-fi aficionado’s delight.” – Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

“There’s a pretty damn good piece of entertainment buried in Riddick if you’re willing to dig through the bloat to find it.” – Brian Tallerico, HollywoodChicago.com


“Awww, a heartwarming story about a Diesel and his digital dingo dog…” – Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

“As you’re watching this third Riddick installment, you can actually feel the character’s potential being wasted, along with precious minutes of your time.” – Joe Lozito, Big Picture Big Sound

“We must pan for scraps of pleasure-a scene where Diesel poses naked on a cliff like a truck stop coyote, the way half of his attacks look like rhythmic gymnastics” – Amy Nicholson, L.A. Weekly

“”Sloppy” is a kind word, actually, for the ridiculously clumsy dialogue in ”Riddick,” the third and latest installment of the sci-fi saga.” -Jocelyn Noveck, the Associated Press

“Faithful to the template if not the spirit of previous installments, this flabby second sequel barely manages to advance Riddick’s considerable personal mythology.” – Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter

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