‘Sons of Anarchy’ creator Kurt Sutter issues viewership challenge

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in a promo for Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy Photo Credit: FX

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in a promo for Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy
Photo Credit: FX

Each season of the FX hit show Sons of Anarchy seems to get better than the one before. It would stand to reason that the Season Premieres continue to top each other, not only in quality, but in viewership as well. This season will be no different, especially if show creator Kurt Sutter has anything to say about it.

Sutter has appealed to the loyal Sons fanbase by issuing a Viewership Challenge that has some pretty amazing rewards.

Should the Season 6 premiere of Sons of Anarchy increase their premiere numbers by any percentage in the key demos, Sutter himself along with some “unwilling cast member” will show up in your home town and take over your favorite bar, club, or theatre and watch a season 6 Sons episode with you and your friends.

How awesome would that be? Sitting down with the mastermind behind one of the best shows on television right now, and a member of the cast coming to your town to hang out and watch an episode with you. That seems like a pretty amazing prize to me.

Sutter estimates the episode involved will most likely be either episodes 610, 611, or 612. Unfortunately, they are unable to watch the finale with you as they are committed to the new live show Anarchy Afterword which will air directly after the Season Finale.

How do you enter? It’s really simple.

Follow Kurt Sutter on either his Facebook or Twitter page, and watch the Season Premiere. That is it. You are entered.

You can see the full announcement on the official SutterInk blog.

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy premieres on Tuesday, September 10th at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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