Aug 29, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) exits the field after the game against the New York Giants at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Giants 28-20. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady warns Johnny Manziel

Another day, another person talking about Johnny Manziel.

Yesterday, it was former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer. This time, it was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The three-time Super Bowl champion was a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box and like every other athlete, coach and pundit, he was asked about the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner.

“He’s [Manziel] probably been the best athlete in his high school class, in his elementary school class,” Brady told CNBC via College Football Talk. “So when you look across the ball, you have respect for those guys and treat them with respect. Football’s a physical game … and as [New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft] would say, “If you’re a turd, it’s going to come back to you.”

Unlike most people who discuss the Texas A&M Aggies’ quartberack, Brady didn’t directly call out or bash Manziel and instead appeared to give him more of a warning and offered up some advice.

Both quarterbacks will be back in action this weekend. Manziel’s Aggies will host Sam Houston State Saturday at 7:00 pm EST and Brady’s Patriots will kick their season off Sunday at 1:00 pm EST in Buffalo against the Bills.

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  • Richard Storm

    bla, bla, bla…f.u.c.k. tom brady, barry, and all the other retard haters. Johnny will be just fine….I personally like it when a QB gets into the face of a defensive player. It shows balls. It tells the defensive players that the smaller person will not back down. Remember, this is football, not golf. If a defensive player decides to do a cheap shot on Johnny, remember this always…Offensive players can do cheap shots, too. If a defensive player dares take a cheap shot at Johnny, you can be sure that the defensive player will have a bounty on him all through that game! And it’s not like Tom Brady’s been the most respectful QB on the planet…I’ve seen him disrespecting defensive players on many occasions…As an ex-boxer (and most boxers say this, too), I always say this….Have respect for your opponent, but never show it…

    • richard storm

      really buddy? eat a dick

    • richard storm

      lol getting beat up your mother does NOT count as being an “ex-boxer”

      • MaoSayTongue

        How do you know his mom isn’t a Foxy Boxer?

  • urlacker

    they are both turds. rodgers all the way. favre for the hall of fame. PACKERS

    • Andy Genova

      There’s a difference between being a superfan and a tool. You, sir, are a tool.

  • MaoSayTongue

    At least Manziel doesn’t need to sell his soul to the Devil like Brady did.

    • 1rdd

      What are you talking about? Manziel just sells his autograph and then lies about it after.

    • 123Star

      you don’t get anywhere cursing anyone, it may come back and bite ya. be careful….