2013 NFL Tickets: Breaking Down This Year's Most Intriguing Games

With week one upon us, here at TiqIQ we’ve been spending a lot of time breaking down NFL tickets. Here we break down ticket prices for some of this year’s most intriguing NFL games on the 2013 schedule.

9/15 – Denver Broncos @ New York Giants

  Average Price: $460 | Get-in Price: $182  | 31% above the Giants home average

There have been six NFL brothers to take snaps under center.  None, however, have had the success of the Manning’s.  With three Super Bowl victories between them, Eli and Peyton have cemented their legacy as the next generation of football’s first family. Opening night marks the third time they have faced off, and also the most expensive prices for New York Giants tickets all season.  Typically, the most expensive Giants game is against division rivals like the Eagles. This year, however, brotherly love has given way to sibling rivalry and at an average price of $460, the game is $109 more than the average Giants game at MetLife.  Peyton and the Broncos a favorite to return to New York in January for the Super Bowl, and even though they are just two years removed from their Super Bowl title, the Giants are not amongst the top five picks to represent the NFC this year.  Even though this Manning Bowl III take place in week one, if Eli can win his first, pundits and fans will surely be talking about Manning Bowl IV in Super Bowl XLVIII.

10/20 – Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts

 Average Price: $384 | Get-in Price: $158 | 106% above the Colts home average

Andrew Luck’s first year in Indianapolis was as successful as anyone could have hoped.  After a dreadful 2011, the Colts’ 2012-turnaround made the memory of Peyton Manning a bit less painful for Indy faithful.  Despite last year’s success, many analysts question whether Luck can lead the Colts to their second consecutive post-season.  In week 7, Peyton Manning return to Lucas Oil Field for the first time, and in addition to being a walk down memory lane for fans, the game will be a major measuring stick for the Colts. They will have already played two of the toughest teams in the NFC in the 49ers and Seahawks, and the emotion of a win or loss in against the Broncos could go a long way in determining the fate of the 2013 Colts.  Tickets for the game are the most expensive of any game at Lucas Oil all season, and almost $200 above the average price Indianapolis Colts tickets in 2013.  They are also the most expensive Colts tickets since they beat the Jets in the AFC championship game in 2010.

9/19 – Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles

 Average Price: $218 | Get-in Price: $27 | 13% above the Eagles home average

Andy Reid was Eagles most successful coach, leading them to five NFC championships and a Super Bowl appearance.  His tenure lasted 14 years, the longest of any Eagles coach. However, after a 4-12 season that started with high expectations, Reid was fired the day after their final game of the season.  Reid was not, however, unemployed long.  After two consecutive years without the postseason, there was not much reminiscing about his 130 career wins in Philly.  At an average price of $218, Philadelphia Eagles tickets to see Reid return to the Linc are the second-most expensive game of the season, behind only the Cowboys game.  When Donovan McNabb returned for the Eagles first pre-season game, he was lustily cheered and the frustration of zero Super Bowls seemed forgotten.   With a win at stake against the Chiefs, Reid’s reception may not be as charitable.

9/8 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Jets 

 Average Price: $138 | Get-in Price: $43 | 27% below the Jets home average

After years of sky-high expectations for the Jets, they’ve crashed back to earth over the last two seasons.  While Rex Ryan’s bluster was to blame for their Super Bowl-or-bust guarantees, Darrelle Revis’ defensive prowess provided Ryan with basis for much of his hubris.    After Revis returned from his 37-day holdout before the 2010-11 training camp, the Jets could never regain the swagger that got them to two consecutive AFC championships. After a disastrous 2012-13 season, it was clear that the Jets needed to rebuild, and Revis’ trade to the Buccaneers was the biggest step down that road, both literally and symbolically. The Jets first game without Revis will be against Revis and the Bucs, and at an average price of $138, it’s actually significantly less expensive than the season average for New York Jets tickets.  The Jets have a relatively easy schedule in 2012-13, and with a few breaks they could be playing meaningful games in December.  First, though, they’ll have to get past Revis Island.

11/24 – Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots 

Average Price: $438 | Get-in Price: $139 | 23% above the Patriots home average

Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning has been the best quarterback battle over the last decade in the NFL.  That alone is enough to make this critical AFC matchup one of the most expensive games of the season.  When you add the return of Wes Welker into the equation, it makes this the most expensive Patriots home game in 3 years.  At $438, it’s 23% higher than the average price for New England Patriots tickets this year, which are the second most-expensive tickets in the NFL, behind only the Bears.  Many pundits have speculated that the combination of Welker and Manning will shift the balance of power in the AFC to the Broncos. Brady leads the all-time Brady-Manning series by nine wins, which means that, in addition to the home crowd, he’ll have history on his side.

Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers 

 Average Price: $196 | Get-in Price: $73 | 16% below the 49ers home average

In four years as the Coach of Stanford, Jim Harbaugh led the Cardinal to 29 wins, and an Orange Bowl win in 2010.  After turning the Cardinal into a contender, Harbaugh was snatched up by the 49ers, where he’s turned that team into a SuperBowl favorite.   Much of Harbaugh’s success at Stanford is owed to Andrew Luck, who started for Harbuagh in both of the Cardinal bowl appearances.  In 2010, Luck led the NCAA in passing yards and touchdowns, and was the main driver behind Stanford’s return to relevance.  If not for Luck, Harbaugh might not be in the NFL today, and when Luck and the Colts visit the 49ers in Week three, it will be the first time that Luck and Harbaugh find themselves on opposing sidelines. At an average price of $196, the game is 16% below the average price for San Francisco 49ers tickets this season. While the game may not be on the must-see list for 49ers fans, a win would be a huge win for the Colts and happy homecoming for Luck.

9/16 – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals 

Average Price: $148 | Get-in Price: $54 | 9% above the Bengals home average

Over the last 20 years, the Bengals have only won the AFC North twice, while the Steelers have won the division 10 times.  During the stretch, they’ve been to the SuperBowl three times and have two rings. The Bengals have not won a playoff game since 1988.  While many are still picking the Steelers to win the North, the Bengals are now bonifide contenders. The addition of former-Steeler James Harrison makes the Bengals defense even better than last year, when they ranked 7th overall in the NFL.  Harrison is an Ohio native and he welcomes his old team to his home state in Week two.  At an average price of $148, the game is the third most expensive game for Cincinnati Bengals tickets all season. While a win in week two would set the early tone for the Bengals 2013 season, the December 15th game in Pittsburgh may actually determine who take home the AFC North crown.

9/22 – Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

 Average Price: $195 | Get-in Price: $66 | 38% above the Lions home average

Thanksgiving day has featured the Lions since 1934. The first game was held at the University of Detroit stadium sold out all 26,000 seats. As they have done many years since, the Lions lost.  Since 2000, the Lions are 2-11 on Turkey day, with their last win coming in 2003, against the Packers. This year, the again face the Packers, and the game is the most expensive Thanksgiving-day game in four years. At an average price of $195, the game is 38% more expensive than the average price for Detroit Lions tickets. With the addition Reggie Bush, the Lions have a real running threat that will take some of the pressure off of Matt Stafford, who threw the ball over 700 times last year. A more balanced attack should lead to a turnaround season for the Lions, and every divisional matchup will have huge implications.  For the first time in years, Thanksgiving Day football in Detroit may actually mean something.

11/10 – Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

 Average Price: $463 | Get-in Price: $173 | 77% above the Saints home average

Three points have decided the last two games between the Cowboys and the Saints. With Drew Brees and Tony Romo leading their respective offenses, a total of 122 points have also been scored.  Both of those games were in Dallas and won by the Saints.  This year, the game is in New Orleans and it’s the most expensive Saints game in three years, with an average price of $463. New Orleans Saints tickets in 2013-14 average $261, up from $229 in 2012.  With their Super Bowl-winning coach back on the sidelines, it feels like a fresh start for Who Dat Nation. The Cowboys game is followed by a visit from the NFC Champ-49ers, and the outcome of those two games may have a lot to do with whether the Saints get into the postseason for the first time since 2011-12.

12/29 – Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

 Average Price: $142 | Get-in Price: $31 | 4% above the Vikings home average

The Lions and Vikings will play the final regular season game at Mall of America field, aka the Hubert H. Humphries Metrodome.  With a division that has four legitimate contenders, the final game could have major implications on who wins the NFC North.  When the Metrodome comes down, it will follow the Kingdome and Silverdome as multi purpose venues that no one will miss. Despite almost 15% increase in Minnesota Vikings tickets from last year, there isn’t any nostalgia showing up in prices. With the exception of the Packers, every game has a get-in price under $40, and two games are under $20.  The game against the Lions is just the fourth-most expensive game in Minnesota all season.  It’s also the last time for two years that Vikings fans won’t have to brave the elements to see the Vikings play.  While their new home is being built, they’ll play games at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium.  While many fans are dreading outdoor football in December, the Vikings had their most successful seasons when playing at Metropolitan Field, also know as the Ice Palace.  During their 20 years playing outdoors between 1961 and 1981, they made it to three Super Bowls.

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