Carrie Underwood falls on stage during concert on same night as Thursday Night Football premiere (Video)

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Carrie Underwood debuted her new theme song on Thursday Night Football to kick off the 2013-14 NFL season, but it is what happened during her concert in Texas on the same night that has people talking more.

Apparently Underwood was stomping around the stage before stepping on her own clothing, rolling her ankle and plummeting to her butt. Underwood played off the fall well by just sitting on the stage and continuing to sing, but it looks like she may have actually been in pain — at least that is what the walking boot that she was sporting in a Twitter photo would suggest.

Here is video of the fall:

After the concert, Underwood took to Twitter to make fun of herself for the fall and she even showed off some new footwear. Perhaps next time she should just wait in the NBC studio and avoid prancing around in heels.


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