Olympic location for 2020 to be announced

The IOC is about 24 hours from announcing the host city for the 2020 Olympics. There are 3 cities vying for the title and Deadspin has handicapped them for your easy viewing pleasure.

The frontrunner appears to be Tokyo, Japan who has a history of hosting international events. They have an infrastructure in place for moving people easily through the city and the IOC may be valuing a low risk site.

Tokyo may not be the best place due to poor local support from citizens and concerns over elevated radiation levels stemming from the recent power plant melt down.

Madrid, Spain has also thrown their hat into the ring and since they have been trying to host an Olympics for years, they already have many of the venues needed. They have plans in place to keep everything very close which is always popular among attendees and they are looking at using many of the already existing historical sites.

Spain probably wont win the bid due to the concern over massive PED trafficking that has been taking place in that part of the globe. One thing that the IOC is scared of is any possible links between athletes and PED’s and they won’t like the idea of that being in their backyard.

Istanbul, Turkey is a bit of a dark horse in this race. Istanbul is in a section of the world that has not yet hosted an Olympics and the IOC has expressed interest in putting one there. The IOC believes that they would be able to help stimulate the economy in the growing nation and the IOC’s savior complex might win Turkey the title

The instability of the area brings the most concern to IOC officials. Protests are a common occurrence in this area and violence is prone to escalate at any time. The IOC most likely will not want to take that risk moving forward.

I believe that Tokyo will win the bid. I don’t think that the IOC wants any drama in selecting a city and believes that the safest bet will be in Japan.

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