Madden NFL 25 Week One simulation: Who will win Sunday's games?


Week One of the 2013 NFL season is finally here and we are ready for an action-packed Sunday full of games from start to finish. While we all have our own predictions for the games, along with the talking heads from major media outlets around the nation, there is one way to get an idea of how the games could play out that doesn’t get as much attention — the virtual world.

Each week, we will be simming the current week schedule of games on Madden NFL 25 and sharing the results to see just how accurate the computer can be.

Here are the results for our Week One Madden NFL 25 simulation:

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills — FINAL SCORE: Patriots: 40, Bills: 14
Top Performers: PASSING: Tom Brady: 227 yards, 3 TD, RUSHING: Stevan Ridley: 127 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Danny Amendola: 9 rec., 101 yards, TD

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers — FINAL SCORE: Titans: 29, Steelers: 16
Top PerformersPASSING: Jake Locker: 216 yards, TD, INT, RUSHING: Chris Johnson: 121 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Kenny Britt: 4 rec., 128 yards, TD

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints — FINAL SCORE: Falcons: 20, Saints: 27
Top PerformersPASSING: Matt Ryan: 366 yards, TD, RUSHING: Pierre Thomas: 67 yards, RECEIVING: Julio Jones: 8 rec., 131 yards, TD

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets — FINAL SCORE: Buccaneers: 27, Jets: 17
Top PerformersPASSING: Josh Freeman: 241 yards, 3 TD, INT, RUSHING: Doug Martin: 83 yards, RECEIVING: Vincent Jackson, 6 rec., 69 yards, TD

Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars — FINAL SCORE: Chiefs: 33, Jaguars: 21
Top PerformersPASSING: Alex Smith: 223 yards, 3 TD, INT, RUSHING: Jamaal Charles: 180 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Dwayne Bowe, 6 rec., 72 yards, TD

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers — FINAL SCORE: Panthers: 20, Seahawks: 15
Top PerformersPASSING: Russell Wilson: 202 yards, INT, RUSHING: Marshawn Lynch: 106 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Sidney Rice: 5 rec., 90 yards

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears — FINAL SCORE: Bears: 20, Bengals: 17
Top PerformersPASSING: Jay Cutler: 326 yards, TD, INT, RUSHING: Matt Forte: 120 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Brandon Marshall: 12 rec., 149 yards, TD

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns — FINAL SCORE: Dolphins: 16, Browns: 8
Top PerformersPASSING: Brandon Weeden: 172 yards, TD, RUSHING: Lamar Miller: 82 yards, RECEIVING: Brian Hartline: 5 rec., 79 yards, TD

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions — FINAL SCORE: Vikings: 20, Lions: 10
Top PerformersPASSING: Matthew Stafford: 193 yards, INT, RUSHING: Adrian Peterson: 116 yards, RECEIVING: Calvin Johnson: 8 rec., 89 yards

Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts — FINAL SCORE: Colts: 33, Raiders: 23
Top PerformersPASSING: Andrew Luck: 246 yards, 3 TD, INT, RUSHING: Ahmad Bradshaw: 145 yards, TD, RECEIVING: T.Y. Hilton: 6 rec., 80 yards, TD

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers — FINAL SCORE: Packers: 24, 49ers: 11
Top PerformersPASSING: Aaron Rodgers: 232 yards, TD, RUSHING: Frank Gore: 88 yards, RECEIVING: Randall Cobb: 5 rec., 106 yards, TD

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams — FINAL SCORE: Cardinals: 20, Rams: 17
Top PerformersPASSING: Carson Palmer: 225 yards, TD, INT, RUSHING: Daryl Richardson: 145 yards, TD, RECEIVING: Larry Fitzgerald: 11 rec., 139 yards, TD

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys — FINAL SCORE: Cowboys: 30, Giants: 10
Top PerformersPASSING: Eli Manning : 264 yards, TD, INT, RUSHING: DeMarco Murray: 99 yards, RECEIVING: Hakeem Nicks: 9 rec., 96 yards

How accurate will the virtual world be? We will have to find out after sorting through today’s full schedule of madness.

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