Breaking Bad 'To'hajiilee': Is Hank Dead?

Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, “To’hajiilee,” left us hanging and left us wondering “Is Hank dead?”

It doesn’t look good.

Walt’s former right-hand man, Jessie Pinkman, has joined forces with DEA agent and Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank, in an effort to take down the evil Mr. White. Jessie, Hang and Hank’s partner Gomez plot to trick Walt into leading them to his hidden stash of drug money. The con is simple. Jessie pretends to have tracked down Walt’s money and calls his former partner and threatens to burn all the cash unless Walt shows up. Meanwhile, Walt is being tailed  as he rushes to the hiding place to meet Jessie’s demands. He falls for it hook, line and sinker.

But Walt does Hank and company  one better. Not only does he fall for the trick, Walt boldly confesses numerous crimes on the phone to Jessie while racing to the meet. Walt is so upset and livid that Jessie would destroy the legacy he planned to leave to his family that he momentarily flies off the handle, admitting guilt to numerous murders and crimes as he tries to convince Jessie that his evil deeds were justified.

By the time Walt realizes he’s been lured into a trap, it is too late. Hiding behind a rock, Walt calls in Todd’s uncle and his band of Nazi racists to save him. He gives them the coordinates of his location before realizing that it isn’t just Jessie who is arriving to take him down but also Hank. Ever the family man, Walt tells the Nazis to stay away and that he no longer needs their assistance.

Realizing the game is up, Walt gives himself up to Hank and Gomez while Jessie stands by, waiting for the perfect opportunity to spit in Walt’s face. Hank then takes a moment to call Marie to gloat that he has finally caught Walt and that he has him dead to rights. This proves to be a prideful mistake as Hank wastes precious time because you see, the Nazis decided to come anyway. A lot of them.

Walt’s friends show up and despite the fact that he loudly protests from inside Hank’s car for the Nazi’s to back off, a gunfight ensues. Gomez and Hank fire back though they are hopelessly outnumbered. Walt and Jessie look on helplessly from separate cars. Gomez appears to be hit and the gunfire continues…before the episode ends.

It looks bad for Hank and Gomez. We know that Walt likely escapes this situation, as the season began with Walt returning to town after being on the run. The sentimental phone call between Hank and Marie just before the Nazi’s show up is also bad news.

Still, we didn’t actually see Hank get killed. If the plan was to off Hank in a hail of gunfire, why wouldn’t the shows producers and writers just finish him off at the end of this episode? Why drag it out? It isn’t like Breaking Bad is having a hard time roping in viewers.

I think Hank is going to make it out of this situation. If he was going to be killed, I think he’d have died at the end of “To’hajiilee.” Sure, the situation looks hopeless but how many times has Walt been backed into a corner only to squirm away at the last second?

Then again, this is the final season, so anything can happen.

What do you think? Are Hank and Gomez toast?

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  • Alec Higgins

    I think Gomez will die. My prediction is Hank will survive but will either be wounded or taken captive. The call to Marie was very ominous, especially him saying something along the lines of “I love you.” and “I may not be home for a while”. My overall prediction is that Marie will go nuts after whatever is about to happen to Hank, and she will eventually be the one to take down Walt.

    • FartAtTheMoon

      Good call on Marie. I think Hank is going to get killed along with Gomez and Jesse. They would honestly be dead if it’s remotely realistic. Walt will be forced to cook and then Marie will kill him and… I could even imagine Skyler might never learn where the money is buried.

      • Patrick Allen

        I think Jesse has a chance because he is in the car so he can take off and get away. If the Nazi’s gun down Hank and Gomey, I could see Walt stopping them from going after Jesse. That, or Walt convinces them Jesse needs to live because he can do the cook whereas Walt is a dead man walking.

        • Warren Johnson

          That’s possible but Jesse would rather die than do anything for WW, the least of which is start cooking again. Inside, Jesse is already dead. I don’t think he fears death at this point.

    • Warren Johnson

      The Neo-nazi group are sociopathic killers. They’d have to have a compelling reason to keep Hank alive. The Nazis can’t have any witnesses, not the least of which one who’s a DEA agent.

  • Warren Johnson

    OK guys, I hate to spoil the last three episodes but here goes : Hank, Gomie and Jesse are killed in the firefight. The neo-nazi’s don’t realize that everyone is in the dessert because Walter has about
    200-300 million buried underground so they takehim and as reward for saving his life, they force him to cook. Hank, Gomez and Jesse are melted up in an acid bath never to be seen again.

    Sometime goes by. While Walter has refused to do his “one” cook for the Nazi’s (because he tried to call them off and he’s a stubborn guy), Marie is going crazy because Hank is gone assuming that Walter killed
    him since the last she heard from him he was like “I have him, I have Walter!!!!”. Marie confronts Skyler and Skyler confronts Walter who admits that although he didn’t want it, it happened. Skyler is distraught and threatens to go to the police because there are some lines even she can’t cross. Walter can’t have that so he kills Skyler in a fit of rage, in public view and goes on the run. There is a well thought out theory circulating that Walter kills Skyler. It’s crux is that Walter takes on the traits of those he kills and in the first
    episode we see him setting up his birthday year using bacon at a diner. And as we recall, that’s what Skyler does for him at his birthday.

    So, meanwhile, Walter is on the run, the neo-nazi’s are pissed and they trash his house writing Heisenberg on the wall. Walter is gone a long time as evidenced by his facial hair. There’s only three things Walter
    cares about in this world (presented in order) : his wife (now deceased), his money (now well hidden) and Walter Jr. (likely living along with Holly at Aunt Marie’s house). With his money well-hidden now, and Skyler gone, there’s only one thing that’s going to draw Walter out into the open and that’s Walter Jr. So, the neo-nazi’s kidnap Walter Jr. and communicate (via Saul) to him that Junior is in big trouble if dad doesn’t agree to a meet.

    Back to our flashback: Here we find Walter White buying a car with an assault rifle in it and heading off to do something important. There’s not really any reason I can see besides his money or Walter Jr. that
    would get him out of hiding if he’s well hidden and has unlimited resources. And, here’s the part that you’re all not really going to like. The ricin is for himself. Walter is going to confront the Neo-Nazi’s and agree to cook if they release Junior. Saul is going to use his contact that sets people up with a new life to get Junior to a far-away place. Walter White is going to ingest the ricin and commit suicide once he knows Junior is safe (again via Saul). And that’s how I think it’s going to end.

    Had a few more minutes to think about this and the fact that there’s only three more episodes left (or is it 2?). Let me start with Jesse, Hank and Gomez’s death. If any three of those are left alive, then it will
    be a seriously critical writing error. For one, Hank and Gomez are outnumbered and outgunned. There’s just no way they can win a fire fight like that. If Hank knew that the Neo-Nazi’s were there for Walter, he
    might have been able to parlay that into some kind of escape but he doesn’t know that. Second, the neo-nazis aren’t going to accept surrender so when Hank and Gomez are out of ammo (which should have
    happened after about 3 seconds being as Gomez has a shotgun and Hank is firing a hand gun though maybe he more ammo in his belt) if they’re not dead, they’re going to be. Last to die is Jesse. The Neo-Nazi’s need Walter alive and unmolested so he can cook for them. So there’s no way
    in hell they’re going to let Jesse go. I suppose it’s possible that Jesse gets out of the car and runs for it but that would be really poor writing. Like Snoop from The Wire said “Sorry man, it’s just your
    time”. It would be really nice if Hank or Gomez gunned down Jesse but technically they both should be out of ammo and toast. So, my vote is the neo-nazis get him.

    As for who Walter is going to see with the assault rifle: Hank’s dead (and besides he’s not going to see law enforcement packing heat like that), Fring is dead (from last season), the Mexican drug cartel boss is
    dead (from last season) so there’s really only one group left to confront and that’s the Neo-Nazis. It’s possible the writers could conjure up some other antagonist but with only a few episodes left we
    hardly have the time to flesh out that kind of character. The only plausible group that could be conjured from would be some criminal gang from the Czech Repulic but again we suffer from lack of time to become
    acquainted with them. And we know the writers love the slower burn, so two episodes isn’t enough. I would be surprised if Lydia could muster (even with the heat coming down on her from her European clients) the
    kind of balls or backing it would take to pull off a stunt like kidnapping Walter Jr.

    Of course this is all hypothetical but there’s really not any room left todo anything besides this. There’s no bad guys left, and leaving any of the three targets (Hank, Gomez and Jesse) alive would strain the
    credibility of the writing.

    Two final thoughts:

    1) Once Junior is safe, Walter is going to smoke that ricin cigarette and bye-bye WW.

    2) Here’s the complete and utter smack to the face that no one is expecting: Walter’s cancer goes into remission and he’s not faced with death anymore. That’s why he commits suicide. We see him in the
    flash-forward with a big full beard eating a nice full breakfast at the diner. Getting around pretty spryly. That isn’t a man who’s about to die from cancer in two weeks.

    • john


    • Hatedit Dearly

      I like it. Very plausile and well-thought-out.

    • Hatedit Dearly

      Except Walt is sick in the flash forward. He has a cough and takes medicine in the bathroom.

      • Warren Johnson

        Hmm, I didn’t remember that part. Does terminal cancer give you a bad cough?

        • Kyle Roberts

          Lung cancer does

    • Dennis Clark

      Who do you think Walter gets an M60 from? Saul? No, he gets it from the Nazis. Hank and Gomey die. Jesse sneaks away. Skylar finds out and abandons him, telling Jr. what he has done. The house is tagged by the kids who are skating in the pool. EVERYONE knows he’s Heisenberg because Jesse goes to Marie and they take the recorded admission to the DEA, who goes and gets the money. The last piece of Walter’s “family” is old-yeller. The one thing that has been constant through-out the whole series is the dynamic between Jesse and Walter. Jesse will be in witness protection. The M60 is to get to him, the ricin is to kill him. Whether or not he manages to accomplish it before he himself dies is the question.

      • Warren Johnson

        Back in season 3, Walter purchases a handgun from a man in a hotel. It’s the same man who he ultimately takes delivery of the car and M60 from. Since the Nazis didn’t show up until Season 5 (via their connection with Todd) it doesn’t appear they give it to him unless there’s a connection between the gun dealer and the Nazis that we are not made aware of.

        You might be write about the tag being from the local kids but that would be contingent on all heck braking lose which I am not convinced is going to happen. It’s anyone’s guess whether Jesse will survive the shootout and certainly with him dead there would be a hole in the show. There’s two vehicles in the shootout (Besides the trucks and cars the neo-nazi’s show up in): Walter’s car and Jesse’s car. There are two ways Jesse can slink away and one of them is on foot. I don’t imagine he’s going to escape that way for two reasons 1) There’s a whole lot of neo-nazi’s that want to run him down or shoot him within about 20 feet and 2) even if he runs off, he can’t survive in the desert by himself or walk back to civilization. That is the subject of an entire episode in season 1 when the battery on the old RV dies and they’re stranded in the desert. Jesse mentions before the shootout that this is where they used to cook so clearly he isn’t going anywhere on foot and its isolated. Jesse is sitting in Walter’s car since Walter is in Hank’s car. I guess it’s possible that Walter left the keys in the ignition and JEsse can drive off but that would be sloppy and cliche writing. In addition, the road is blocked and the neo-nazis would just run him down anyway. HE can’t drive AWAY from them because that direction is a clifside. So anyway, I think Jesse is either killed or taken captive (through pleading by Walt) though I find the former more logical to the storyline.

        • Kyle Roberts

          Its not Walter’s car, its Gomez’s

        • Dennis Clark

          I didn’t notice that it was the same guy he bought the pistol from. I guess that guy has quite a variety of products. Given the choice of sitting in a car being riddled with bullets, or sneaking off during the gunfight, I’m pretty sure Jesse is going to bolt. They showed him getting ready to try it. That was before Hank and Gomez drew the fire away from Walt’s car. Todd’s Uncle looks at Jesse in the car. He’s going to look again this week and Jesse is going to be gone.

          None of those cars are going to be able to be driven out of there. The nazis don’t give a shit about Jesse. They are going to take Walt at this point. He’s not calling the shots any more. When they can’t find Jesse right away they will leave. Maybe they will have to call someone else to get them or maybe one of their cars will still drive. Jesse will wait for them to leave, take a cell phone off of dead Hank or Dead Gomey and call Badger or Skinny Pete. At this point, he may even do the right thing and call the cops.

          Whatever happens, Jesse has to be the last piece. His arc has to wrap after Walt’s family because Jesse was the son that Walter chose. The whole story is the Walt and Jesse show. And Walter’s spot does get blown up because his neighbor freaked out when she saw him. That’s because everyone knows he’s Heisenberg. The fact that they showed the house all boarded up and the kids using it as a party spot was supposed to represent that. Walt has been decimated. There is NO WAY left for him to get out of this. He is just going to TRY and get a little revenge because he will blame Jesse for losing it all. If any of those characters that are there in the desert get out of the series alive, it’s Jesse.

          • Warren Johnson

            Thanks for the well thought out reply. In TV-World Jesse would slink away at the last second. In the “Real world” he would more than likely be hit and killed during the shoot out or killed after it. The big question is whether or not the writers are going to take the cinema way out and give Jesse an out or not. It’s possible Jesse could hide in the hills until everyone left but seems like jumping out of the car during a shootout and running for your life is a really bad decision.

            I think the Neo-Nazi gang could be left with working vehicles. Hank and Gomez are using a handgun and a shot gun. At that distance, the shotgun is going to have a big spread and that hand gun only has less than a dozen bullets in it On the other hand, the Nazis are firing hand guns and semi-automatic weaponry. So, only two days to go and we’ll find out!! :-)

    • DrRocker

      WOW! I like this ending! Unfortunately, I am extremely worried that Gilligan will ruing the ending with some Hollywood antics (e.g. Hank pulls a bazooka from his behind and blows the Nazi regime to hell). Your ending is well thought out, strong, exciting, credible and has the ending of a Shakespeare tragedy. Is this Gilligan writing the scenario? YOU couldn’t wait? At any rate, you should have been hired to help with the show!

      • DrRocker

        Oh I forgot…there is another Hollywood B.S. scenario that would ruin the ending: The Calvary arrives! Mr.Johnson I am praying that your ending is brought to fruition.

  • BC

    It is interesting that BB cut to black when they did. It doesn’t seem like the moment would be right for Hank and Gomez to die in the first five minutes of the next episode unless it is going to be wall-to-wall action and drama. The last time we see Hank he is behind the vehicle. I agree that in real life he would be dead from all of the rounds fired, but this is TV we are supposed to play around to an extent. Since Hank is behind the vehicle the next episode could start with him grabbing Walt and using him as a human shield. The Nazi’s wouldn’t shoot because they need Walt to upgrade their product. What happens after that is anyone’s guess though!!!

    • Andrew Hunter

      I don’t see Hank and Jesse getting smoked, if they were going to die, it would have happened in the last episode. Maybe Gomez and one or two nazis goes, but the way I see it transpiring is this.

      Walt gets out of the car, and talks their way out of it somehow. Perhaps he threatens to kill himself unless the gunfight stops, anyway the nazis head off with walt, jesse and hank stay together.

      Somewhere down the line, Walt escapes the Nazis after they try to force him to cook. Walt is on the run, the nazis go after his family, Saul gets ‘his guy’ to move them to somewhere safe, so they destroy his house. The DEA accepts that Walt is Heisenberg, so now everyone knows. The machine gun is for the nazis, the ricin is for himself as surmised earlier. Unsure about Hank and Jessies fate, but I dont think they are dieing this episode

      • Trip

        What if Todd gets killed!?!? then the nazis are desperate to have Walt. I also think there is no way in hell you can leave two DEA agents alive in this situation. Jesse I don’t know never really liked him tho hope he dies too

  • Freertruh

    Marie is a toxic character: she buts in Walt’s life, taking his children from him, basically what pushed him to cook in the first three episodes of the series. She then hankers for the kids she could never have, and poses as a know it all, and pseudo-pure person. At the end of the day, her arrogance and deceit come through. In fact Breaking Bad has only two characters that have any redemption: his kids. Walt himself might be a a**hole but he is at least manifesting what he wants and doing it. Hank and Marie are your typical hypocritical characters in a series. I hope Hank fails to accomplish what he wants, and ends up in jail with Walt. His kids should enjoy the spoils of part of the money, and have their mom with them. Marie should end up alone, as the disloyal and cowardly jesse.

  • Lee Johnson

    I think Gomez is going to be killed, no doubt. He’s an expendable character on the show. It’s sad, but he can go. Walt definitely lives because of the flash forward.

    That leaves Jesse and Hank. I think Jesse has to survive until the finale, and so does Hank. Who wants to watch the last three episodes of BB if Hank or Jesse get smoked in the opening minutes of the next episode?

    I mean, if it’s just Walt facing off against Neo-Nazis for the next three episodes, who cares? If the show remains with Skyler, Marie, Walt Jr., who gives a shit? I never could stand those characters. In fact, the last three characters I care about are Hank, Jesse and Gomez.

    The one thing I’ll say is if Hank gets killed and Marie finds out, Marie will kill her sister.

    So somehow Hank has to get out of this. Gomez gets dropped. Jesse has to get the car and take a bunch of ‘em out.

  • Chris

    It is possible for Hank, Jesse and Gomez to survive. Jesse could escape
    while the firefight is raging, so even if Hank and Gomez die I think
    Jesse will live. The only plausible way for Hank and Gomez to survive is
    with Walt’s help. Walt would need to channel what’s left of his inner
    Heisenberg to do this. He will need to regain his composure get out of
    the car and yell to the brotherhood something like, “Stop! If you ever
    want another cook out of me lower your weapons. Your business dies if
    you kill them.” This could be a redeeming moment for Walt and a chance
    for him to use his Heisenberg persona for good. Another scenario could
    be that Hank and Gomez run out of ammo. Walt is taken from the car and
    asked what to do with Hank and Gomez. Walt may either save the two or
    after realizing that his legal problems end with Hank and Gomez; He may
    give the order to kill them.

    • Steven Wrieden

      The last scene shows Hank taking cover behind the car that WW is in. The leader of the brotherhood knows Walt’s in there, so they will stop shooting. I know a barrage has hit the car already, but I think Hank will not die in the gunfight. But Gomez is a goner.

    • dbushik

      Or they could kill Hank and Gomez (and Jesse) and just threaten Walt’s family. The Aryans demonstrated they have the upper hand on Walt, having already forced him into agreeing to cook. Walt isn’t intimidating to them at this point, just a means to an end.

  • mrwho

    Hank and Gomey SHOULD die. I like both characters but it would be very unbelievable for both of them, or even one of them really, to survive being so heavily outnumbered. They took cover quickly but I don’t think that would have saved them IRL.

  • Alex D

    I think you’re right about Hank Pat. Just like if the house was going to burn by Jesse’s hand in “Confessions” the screen might have gone black but we would have heard the “Wooosh.” Just like the end of “Full Measure” when Gale bought it.

  • John McDonn

    I hope Jesse gets killed. An ungrateful, spoiled, druggie punk. Gus Fring was 100% right about not working with druggies. They are unpredictable and trouble. A huge missing piece in the current story line is how they are ignoring that if Walt were to let Fring and Mike kill Jesse, Walt would be living the life extremely peacefully. Jesse is such a selfish and vicious character for not being loyal and grateful to Walt.

    • bossmanham

      Apparently you missed who the moral compasses of the show are supposed to be. They’ll die. This is Greek tragedy-esque, but dang.

    • dbushik

      Everyone forgets this, but Jesse being a total f-up has been a near constant in BB. Jesse ruins everything for everyone over and over again. It’s Hank’s turn.

  • MathH

    Also, Walt’s cleverness clearly left him when he didn’t think of warning Hank, which should have been a no-brainer if he wanted to save him. That’s a bit of story-convenience, I suppose.

  • bossmanham

    I think the seeming foreshadowing and the “good bye” on the phone was a diversion. I don’t think Hank bites it…yet.

    • dbushik

      I just read someone mentioning a theory Hitchcock had regarding suspense/terror, that the audience knowing that something terrible is going to happen and being forced to sit through it is much worse (or better in this case) than not knowing or knowing and it not happening.

  • Sam Bob

    I don’t know if Hank will survive the shootout, it sure doesn’t look like the odds are in his favor. No way he can get the upper hand, or even escape. At this point, it seems that Hank only lives if Walter exercises some leverage/incentive on the nazi crew (something along the lines of cooking for them, or giving them substantial amounts of money), while also convincing them that Hank will not come after them. Not a snowball’s chance in hell, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Walter White.

    If Walt manages to save Hank’s life, it will be interesting to see Hank’s reaction. In the likely event of Gomez’s death, Hank becomes the sole repository of the evidence incriminating Walt.

    -Will he act the same way as Javert did in Les Mis, change his mind about Walt, and let his prey go free, out of compassion? That seems unlikely, considering how badly he wants Walt behind bars. Then again, owing him his life might trigger quite the dilemma in Hank’s head.

    -Will he be coerced by the neonazis to give up any evidence against Walt and drop the case? In some ways, that might be worse than death for Hank, but he also has a family to protect.

    In any case, heck of a cliffhanger. I’m gonna miss that show.

  • jeff barrie

    Hank and Gomez are killed, Jesse and Walt survive to cook another batch. Skylar and the kids are kidnapped by the Neo Nazis are leverage to force Walt to cook.

    • dbushik

      I think your prediction is of super high probability. We see Jesse reaching for the door of the car when things go down. He may escape into the dessert instead of being captured, but Hank and Gomez are out-gunned 5 or 6 to 2, and have evidence to solidly take Walt down on their persons, including knowledge of the general location of the cash. Yeah, we could go through the final three episodes with Walt’s money taken and him a known criminal, but seems more likely with this show that something more interesting happens, and that requires Hank and Gomez and their evidence to be gone. Then Walt has to deal with whatever complication the Aryans bring. That could be revenge for whatever evil they bring on his family (potentially something bad happening to the baby or Walt Jr.). Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing you are mostly.

      • jeff barrie

        Ya, Jesse might escape or they may decide not to kill him. He makes as good a meth as Walt and is a good insurance policy to insure a high quality product. Neither Walt or Jesse wants to cook but they are going to be forced to. I think these last 3 episodes are going to be brutal and are going to tough to watch.

    • John McDonn

      In the next episode, I think Hank and Gomez are killed at the beginning of the show. Walt and Jesse are taken in and pressured to cook. They both refuse to do so (Walt because they killed Hank and Jesse because he is a punk), so the Nazi’s threaten Walt’s family and kill Jesse to scare Walt to teach them and/or continue to cook by the end of the episode.

  • facepalm4usa

    Strange question… but has Todd’s uncle been racist in anyway since the introduction of him?

    I mean, for wannabe Nazis, they seem somewhat nice, even when they’re discussing dealing death and meth.

    • Guest

      It hasn’t really come up. Members of hate groups are often surprisingly nice folks until the object of their hate comes into the equation.

    • dbushik

      Racists are human’s too. In all seriousness. We have made “racism” so socially abhorrent that we expect people to be black hearted evil inhuman monsters to rise to the standard, when really its a way too common, simple, correctable, entirely human failing.

      • facepalm4usa

        Agreed, just pointing out the annoying tone of the article whenever they mention Todd`s uncle.

        It`s like what Henry Rollins once said: `A Racist is a good guy, with a sprained soul. Once I would have taken a rock to their head, now I just want to pull them aside and have a word.`