Eminem releases official 'Berzerk' video - Watch Here

Although Eminem’s track ‘Berzerk’, which was produced by Rick Rubin, has been out some time, we hadn’t seen an accompanying video to go alongside it.

Now we do.

Eminem’s official music video for Berzerk was released today and it, in true Marshall Mathers fashion, lives up to it’s title.

The video begins in somewhat of a tribute to Rubin and his early music days with a larger than life boombox, which features Em and Rubin walking towards it. The concept appears to be Rubin and Em being recorded on a VCR type appliance, given the flashing battery and blue screen before playback.

A quick splash of RUN DMC and Em is off, spitting his eccentric bars with Rubin playing the background.

The Detroit rapper also pays a bit of homage to some music videos we’ve seen before as Em appears in a distorted upwards camera shot rocking a Detroit Pistons jersey, right before Kendrick Lamar appears out of nowhere.

The music video is full of mashed up clips from YouTube of people fighting in a unique blend of high quality production mixed with grainy internet clips.

Fellow Detroit native Kid Rock is also seen a few times through the video, which comes to a conclusion with Em missing half his body.

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