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Johnny Manziel hanging out with three blondes at Dallas Cowboys game

I’m just going to assume by default that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had a better time than you last night as it pertains the the New York Giants – Dallas Cowboys game.

Now, granted, considering just how awful that game was, for anybody that was watching at home, you were already in a tough position. And for anybody that actually attended the game in person, you were even deeper in the hole considering you paid to watch that Pop Warner contest.

Sure, maybe, considering it was Sunday night, you got lucky and won your state lottery. Or maybe you walked outside to get some fresh air and found a supermodel waiting at your door. But I’m going to guess neither of those happened and you went to bed wondering why the hell you just spent three hours of my night watching that crap.

That might have been the same thought of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, had he not spent the evening with three attractive blondes at the game.

One of them seems to have quite the sense of humor too, as she tweeted out (and Instagramed) a picture of her and Manziel with the caption ‘can I have your autograph’.

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