GTA 5: Will the Massive Landscape Overshadow the Game


There is a new video game coming out next week and it’s expected to be one of the best coming out this holiday season. Rockstar Games will release GTA 5 to the world and this is biggest openworld game that they have ever created. The areas that gamers will spend most of their time occupying is Los Santos and Blaine County.

The game will tell a story through the eyes of three different characters and you have option to switch between those characters at any time while playing. All of the classic hallmarks of this ground breaking series return, including incredible attention to detail and a deep story that will keep players entertained up until the final mission.

There is also an ambitious approach they are taking with multi player aspect of the game being open world as well. This seems like a lot for them to undertake with this game, but they do have a history of making games that allows gamers to explore a vast world.

The only drawback to making a game this big is that some people might not get a chance to experience all that this game has to offer. There will be a world with plenty to explore, but in games like this it’s sometimes overshadowed by the fact that you would rather cause as much havoc as possible.

I know that from personal experience in past GTA games my goal was to get my wanted level as high as possible and I would just ignore the story completely. This is not a knock on the story, but I just enjoyed doing this rather than going through missions to complete the game.

The vast and dynamic world that Rockstar has created will make it hard for people to ignore the story and this game will be a favorite among all gamers upon its release.

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