HS Football player rips opponents helmet off and beats him with it (GIF)

So far this football season we’ve seen coaches in Alabama fight with one another. After the stellar example that some coaches are setting it wasn’t long before we saw it spill over to the players on the field.

This unbelievable act of violence occurred during a game between Hamburg and Annville-Cleona in Lebanon County, Penn., near Harrisburg on Friday night during a scrum in the third quarter. Hamburg senior safety/QB Joseph Cominsky pulled off Annville-Cleona offensive lineman Josh Hartman’s helmet and hits it with him.

The GIF below doesn’t do the actual act justice, that is actually the second time he strikes the player in the head with his own helmet. That is right, he hit him in the head with the helmet once before this incident.

Cominsky was rightfully ejected and an Annville-Cleona player who threw punches during the ensuing scuffle was also ejected. Both were suspended one game for being ejected.

“We are looking at one person particularly at this time,” the police chief said.

He also said that charges could be forthcoming ranging from misdemeanor to felony. The school has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow to discuss potential discipline it might enforce.

[h/t] Deadspin for the GIF

You can see video of the fight at WGAL.com.

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