NBA Live 14 Interview with Executive Producer Sean O'Brien - Player Ratings has posted a new interview with NBA Live Executive Producer Sean O’Brien talking about the science which goes into rating players for the game.

NBA Live 14 will be including information from Synergy Sports Technologies, which means EA has what O’Brien calls a, “somewhat unique approach to how ratings work,” in the game.

“We are attempting to be the first sports game to only use objective data to drive how the players and teams play within our game,” O’Brien said. “There are still some subjective ratings within the game as this is a multi-year process and an enormous amount of work. Physical ratings such as speed and strength are still created and used.”

The interview does not have any additional information on the game itself outside of the ratings discussed.  But there are still some information in the interview you might find interesting.  We are just around the corner, less than a month away, when basketball titles are scheduled to drop, October 1st.

We know that more information on NBA Live 14 will drop sooner than later.

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