Alabama vs. Texas A&M: Graphic preview featuring Saban and Manziel

Sep 7, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A

What is it with the SEC and their religion themed depictions of their favorite football programs. Just a while back we were treated to a chalk drawing of Nick Saban and Paul “Bear” Bryant in the places of Adam and God from the sistine chapel at a Tuscaloosa bar. Now SB Nation’s Good Bull Hunting has given Johnny Manziel a similar treatment.

This computer graphic depicts Johnny Manziel as Jesus, and Alabama head coach Nick Saban as Satan as the two arm wrestle with Kyle Field in the background. The satan version of Saban has a head set around his neck and looks like someone branded him with the Alabama logo on the arms. Those are some little details easily overlooked in this graphic.

Of course Johnny Manziel is in his holy white uniform. Given his on-field antics and off-field incidents one could say it is a little bit of a reach to depict Manziel as Jesus.

This image is a modified version of this one:

In all fairness Texas A&M fans can’t be accosted for this. During the Dallas Mavericks’ 2011 NBA Championship run there was one of these making the rounds on the internet of Dirk as Jesus arm wrestling LeBron James as satan.

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  • John Doe’s Father

    I think most people will be watching , but not to see who wins as much as to see Johnney butt hole get his ass kicked. That arrogant little jerk needs a “come-up-ence”. He’ll get it someday, and possibly Saturday. I’m a Bama fan, but I also had ties to A&M and used to like the team. No Longer. This guy is destructive to team and fan morale

    • John Doe’s Son

      Don’t listen to grandpa. Always yelling at me about my record player and such.

      • John Doe’s Father

        I did, with a bud and a few brews. Hung two tree stands in the morning, then watched one of the best games I can remember. (Which isn’t sayin much I guess). Johnney looked great and kept his head on straight. I was glad to see the Tide roll, but Manziel’s receivers put on a show. Bama played a good, in your face , solid football game, with strength at every position and a great talent leading it on the field and at the sidelines. Good day all around….. (record player ????) I still have one for my Pink Floyd Vinyl’s.