Elderly lady makes incredible catch in stands (Video)

Aug 16, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; A San Francisco Giants fan cheers on during the first inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

An elderly woman at the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco 49ers game made a remarkable catch in the ninth inning of the game. First of all kudos for sticking the game out, it looks cold based on how everyone was dressed but it was a close game at the time.

The ball is a foul ball headed her way in the upper deck of the third base line and she sticks out her glove and catches it before it hits one of the ladies sitting next to her. The sheer joy and excitement on her face is priceless.

She jumps up and extends her hands in the air, ball in glove of course. She hugs the lady with her before making her way into the aisle to continue her celebration. She also dances around in a little circle before hugging and high-fiving other fans.

“Nice play,” one announcer says.

“I think the ball caught this lady. I do,” the other announcer says.

It looks like it might of been her first foul ball given her reaction. Either way congrats!

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