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Aug 31, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles celebrates a win with his team against Texas Christian Horned Frogs at AT

Les Miles connected to pay-for-play scandal

Sports Illustrated has taken a deep look inside of the Oklahoma State football program as part of their five-part investigation that includes allegations of multiple NCAA violations, and one of the men implicated in the scandal is current LSU head coach Les Miles.

Before joining the LSU program, Miles was head coach at Oklahoma State, where players were receiving money from boosters and coaches.

His time at the school falls during the 10-year period where Sports Illustrated is investigating with the help of former coaches and players, and one of his assistants, Joe DeForest, is directly connected to a pay-for-play scandal.

As you would expect, Miles has denied any wrongdoing and claims that everything was done by the books.

“I don’t know of any improprieties while I was coaching there,” Miles said, via “We always did things right.”

What else did you expect him to say?

“The Mad Hatter” is likely hoping that this will all go away and he will not have to worry about any of the allegations from the report, but we have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Miles may have no interest in discussing what is in the SI report, but the questions won’t go away as more and more details arise.

The good news is that this should have no affect of the LSU program. Unless, of course, Miles is found by the NCAA to have violated procedures.

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