The Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bocats are League Pass "Regulars"; Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

NBA announces price for League Pass

There was a scare yesterday when the NBA had sent out emails that indicated a price spike in the NBA League Pass, but they quickly went into damage control mode:

That is actually pretty cheap considering what you get, and League Pass is a must have for NBA fans. It gives you access to most games, and if you’re a fan of a smaller market team, then you can actually watch their games. If you pay full price, you can games on your mobile phone or tablet. By comparison, the NFL Sunday Ticket is approximately 300 dollars, and the MLB Extra Innings is over 220 dollars.

Not all games are included, as some will be subject to blackouts. Nationally televised games will not be available on League Pass, as well as games that are already in your region. All games can be viewed on Broadband as archives.

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