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Chart shows college football recruits by state

Ever wonder where all these college football players come from? We now thanks to Football Study Hall we have an easy to consume chart showing us were college football recruits come from by state.

FSH used Dave Campbell’s Texas Football to compile the raw data before putting it in this easy to read chart. The author, “Redmond Longhorn,” tells a nice anecdote about growing up in Texas and looking at the this particular publication that spelled out the data on recruits state by state.

Not so surprisingly the top three states, in order, are Texas, Florida and California. Georgia and Ohio are a clear 4th and 5th, but then it drops off sharply again. After that it kinda levels out and gradually decreases all the way down to Delaware.

It was interesting to see how far down the chart Nebraska is considering how great of a program it once was and still is. More college recruits came out of Connecticut than Nebraska. But I’m sure it’s more to do with Nebraska’s small population.

Texas, Florida and California are three of the four most largely populated states. Georgia and Ohio are also in the top 10 most populated states. Texas and California are also the two largest states in the lower-48.

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If you like the raw numbers here you go (again, thanks to Football Study Hall) :

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