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Former Oklahoma State quarterback questions Thayer Evans interview tactics

Players by the dozen are coming out to support their former school Oklahoma State, first on Twitter and now in the press. Former OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden called Thayer Evans’ Sports Illustrated feature comical and claims that he has had it out for OSU. Now another former OSU quarterback, Aso Pogi, is questioning Thayer’s tactics.

From the Tulsa World:

He didn’t even take notes. We were just conversing. It was just a conversation in my office. He didn’t take notes. He didn’t pull out a (recorder). He didn’t define anything. He just wanted to talk to me about it, you know? I said, ‘oh, OK.’ Again, I’m thinking that this is something else, like OSU quarterbacks from back in the day and wanting to quote me on what I thought about so-and-so or whatever. That’s really what I thought this was about. He did not put a (recorder) up there and say ‘this is an interview for Sports Illustrated. I’m going to be recording this.’ None of that happened. Absolutely not.

Pogi reiterated that “it was all out of the ordinary. I have done my share of interviews with people. And just the professionalism wasn’t there… Really it was just small talk that led into allegations.”

Personally the amount of players coming out discrediting the report, plus my own talks with former Oklahoma State players seem to contradict Evans’ reports.

So far it seems like Thayer Evans is sticking to his guns.

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