November 10, 2012; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Texas A

ESPN doesn’t know who Alabama is playing, Texas A&M or Texas? (Photo)

The biggest game of the college football season. ESPN has their College GameDay crew headed towards College Station ahead of the big matchup between Texas A&M and Alabama.

Well, at least we think they’re heading to College Station.

According to SportsCenter’s on-screen graphics they aren’t entirely too sure which Texas school Alabama is playing. Instead of putting the A&M logo opposite of Alabama’s they put the University of Texas’ logo instead. Maybe they’re too wrapped up in promoting their Longhorn Network.

Maybe they were confused by A&M senior cornerback’s tweet that they were the university of Texas.

It would be hard to believe that ESPN, and their Longhorn network, missed head coach Mack Brown clarifying that.

“For as long as we’ve had a university, the University of Texas is THE University of Texas in this state, and that’s not going to change, regardless of what some kid tweets,” Brown said at his press briefing on Wednesday, via the Dallas Morning News.

The Longhorns are playing an SEC team this weekend though, Ole Miss is headed to Austin.

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  • Jay Medeiros

    ESPN, what do you expect? These folks are more concerned with how their suits look and cutting up than real game insight. It is going to be interesting to see how “The Mothership” holds up with some much needed competition. BTW, I’m pulling for the new guys.

    • Jean Allen

      Well so far, the new guys pretty much suck. Hope they can work the kinks/bugs out. I bet they are kicking themselves that Keith Olberman got away from them…

  • Wayne Venable

    ESPN spends way too much time trying to prop up ‘ol spit and sputter Holtz than they do actually REPORTING sporting news. Who has time to check for acuracy? Roll Tide!

  • Jean Allen

    I wonder if that will make ESPN’s ‘Not so Top 10′ Episode during Sportscenter…

  • DaleC

    The Longhorns may be “The” university in Texas, but A&M has surpassed them recently and, being a member of the SEC, I expect that trend to continue. A&M has been smoking Texas in recruiting for the last several years. The seem to have similar discipline problems to my Auburn Tigers following the 2010 NC success. I hope that is not the case, because we see the havoc it caused for my Tigers.

    That said, I fully expect Bama to spank Johnny “Paycheck” a.k.a. The Money Badger

  • David Plemons

    Kyle field is being dismantled at the end of the season and is being rebuilt at an undisclosed location on the East Coast. The aggies are planning on funding the move by selling bricks. Stay tuned for updates.