Breaking Bad spoiler alert from Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman, is odd


Breaking Bad is down to the final few episodes of the series and last week was left with an incredible cliff hanger. That has had the internet speculating all week-long, is Hank dead? Did Jesse get away? Did Walter White survive?

Jesse Pinkman might have given Breaking Bad fans a clue ahead of Sunday night’s episode, one of three more episodes left in the series. Friday afternoon Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, tweeted out this:

What we see is Skylar White, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman all in bed together.

Here are my thoughts:

This has absolutely nothing to do with the show. This looks like a left over photo from a some kind of shoot for a magazine, DVD collector series, promotional materials or who knows.

Given the way the show ended last week, I don’t think there is anyway that this could happen. This second half of the season has centered around the struggle between Walter and Jesse, not something that could lead to this.

Even before Jesse and Walter split and began gunning for each other I can’t envision this having happened. Walter was incredibly understanding about her affair, but he doesn’t seem inviting of someone else into bed.

But who knows what could happen. Personally, I think this is just Aaron Paul playfully teasing fans. He certainly isn’t maliciously teasing fans, he is too cool online with fans regularly calling fans he finds on Twitter to talk about the show.

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