Friday the 13th: 10 Best Horror Films To Creep You Out

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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and we thought we would help you get in the spirit of doom by recommending some excellent horror movies you can watch to celebrate the unluckiest of days.

I was born on Friday the 13th and being a big horror movie fan, I’ve always treated the day as something of a holiday. So do yourself a favor and grab a couple of friends, a bucket popcorn and sit down tonight to enjoy one or more of these terrific horror films.

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  • Frank Visage

    Where is Splice, Event Horizon and Jacob’s Ladder?

    • Patrick Allen

      I am on the fence about Event Horizon. I remember thinking it was terrifying the first time I saw it and then I watched it a few years later and thought it was awful. I might need to try it one more time.

      • baros62

        You’re wrong there, Patrick! EVENT HORIZON is a terrifying and gory ghost story. It IS, absolutely, considered one of the best horror movies ever. Hopefully, soon they will re-release this film in it’s entirety on DVD and Blu-ray very soon. This film was heavily edited before it was originally released.

        • Guest

          Sure, it bombed. But it was more profoundly disturbing than Fright Night, which was a comedy to my mind.

    • baros62

      SPLICE was a major failure at the box office. Most of the movies mentioned here are cult-classics, classics or near-classics- to put SPLICE here with all these other films is just plain wrong. Sorry.

      • Frank Visage

        Yes, it bombed. But it was more profoundly disturbing than Fright Night, which was a comedy to my mind.

  • Pedro Tavares

    Wheres Halloween? hello????

    • Patrick Allen

      Halloween is great! Tried to mix it up a bit as most of these types of lists are the same 10-15 movies.

    • Fire wolf

      Halloween? its not bad, but not really creepy. Though the music score is masterful.

  • zoki

    hello :D

    • Robert French

      What about Phantasm or Night of the living dead?

  • Disappointed

    Jason X!?!?!? You mean, like, Jason in Space Jason X!? Totally negates this entire list.

    • Patrick Allen


      • Disappointed

        You did have some quality horror movies on here for sure. Nosferatu,
        Fright Night, but even as a HUGE Friday the 13th fan, I fully believe
        Jason X was the last shovel full of dirt on a coffin that had already been excessively nailed shut, lowered in the ground, burned and buried. Plus, this isn’t a list for hilarious movies, you were compiling a list of ‘Creep You Out’ films.

        And as a side note, New Nightmare is the Jason X of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

        • Patrick Allen

          New Nightmare is my 2nd favorite Elm Street film. Seems to be one of those ones fans are divided on. I thought the script was really interesting and far superior to any of the films after NM1.

          My thing with Jason X is that it was self-aware, as is evident in the hologram scene where the girls ask Jason to smoke pot and drink and he beats them to death against a tree while in their sleeping bags. When horror franchises have nowhere else to go, they go to space and I thought the screen writers understood the hilarity in that.

          • Jezzer

            Being self-aware that it’s a huge pile of crap doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a huge pile of crap.

          • roarfox

            If anything, self-awareness typically takes away the creep factor. Nothing takes you out of being immersed in a film’s tension than the filmmakers giving the audience a knowing wink.

          • roarfox

            But that’s exactly why it didn’t belong on this list. “Hilarity” does not = “creep you out” no matter how much you may want to rationalize the metafiction at play in a given film.

          • baros62

            Yeah, that scene with the sleeping bag victims beaten against trees, is an almost total rip-off from a very similar scene in 1979′s monster flick PROPHECY.

    • Robcabob1

      Sleeping bag scene was epic. I though he was using one sleeping bag girl to beat the other sleeping bag girl. That was Awesome and Hilarious!!!!!!

  • Jamie Foy

    Event horizon is by far one of the scariest films ever. Jason x? Super dumb. Also evil dead and exorcist?

    • Patrick Allen

      I think Jason X is hilarious but then I am a fan of the franchise. Evil Dead would have been a fine entry. Exorcist as well. Can’t get them all on a simple list of ten. I tried to pick a few that were less obvious because I feel these lists are often all the same.

    • Ryan Knight

      Really, you need another list with Evil Dead and/or Exorcist?

      • Willie Beamen

        Evil Dead is overrated. Exorcism all the way. Don’t get me wrong, I like ED, but it’s not scary. Exorcist, and Exorcist III are two of the scariest films ever made. In my opinion, of course.


    I remember Blood sucking fraks, it was freaky.

    Yes the original Fright Night, was freaky, and better than the remake.

    Eh, The ring didn’t really get me.

    Nosferau gave me bad dreams.

    The new night mare? Ummm dude you are starting to loose credibility.

    An American werewolf in londone is still one of my favorite werewolf movies of all time, but The howlling freaked me out more.

    On Jason X you wrote, “This movie is absolutely hilarious.” I thought the topic was about movies that freaked people out, you have lost all credibility now…

    I may watch Suspiria, as I read the plot and it is interesing.

    I agree the original Friday the 13th was freaky.

    The original Nighmare on elm street was freaky.

    Over all I think you did a poor job on this article.

    • Patrick Allen

      So you think of the 10 movies are pretty good choices but overall it is a bad list? =)

      • LCCJR

        The reason I say this is, though a lot of the movies that is on here are good movies, the topic of the article was about creepy movies, only 3 actually succeeded in being creepy to me, and many people that I know (and apparently others who have posted on here). Being freaky, and being creepy are two different things.

      • Guest

        I think it was your “writing” that LCCJR is talking about- as I have mentioned myself, earlier.

  • Alan Reed

    Wow,talk about someone who likes terrible movies… Most of these sucked. Badly. Like, really badly.

    • austin idol

      Meaning you watched them. Meaning you like movies that suck.

      • roarfox

        How do you know a movie sucks unless you’ve watched it? You’re funny!

  • Toni Anderson

    How about Serpent and the Rainbow or Nightbreed

    • Tim Cotten

      Lol Nightbreed???,, one of the dumbest movies ever made SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACOMEDY

  • Robert Bradford

    These Horror films are one of the best but

  • Al Oli

    The ring sucks.

  • Ilyanti Nabilah

    I would put chucky in my list. Watching it when I was playing Barbie dolls at night when I couldn’t sleep or when it was raining left a very dark impact on my childhood memory.

  • T Dagwell

    TWO Nightmare On Elm Streets AND TWO Friday The 13ths ?!? Boo sir… boo.


    This list must have been written by a teenager.

  • YObed Glez Montiel

    - Halloween
    - Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
    - It

  • Hailtotheboomstick

    I’d like to respectfully disagree with your comments about New Nightmare. Though it is absolutely fantastic and deserves to be listed, I believe watching A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, would be best to watch directly after 1. Personally 3 is not only my favorite in the series but may be one of my favorite sequels ever made as well.

    • Hailtotheboomstick

      And also I must disagree with your comment that it should have ended there, because I’m one of the few who thought Freddy vs. Jason was a really good/fun movie. It had a plot good enough to tie the two together and was actually really well balanced, and you also got to see a more serious Freddy for a change. And the movie is only made better by it’s two sequel graphic Novels featuring Ash from The Evil Dead series which was originally supposed to be made into live action movie, but nobody could decide on a winner (as if Ash would loose hahahahahaha) but the novels are amazing and draw Ash into the story very easily and it just gets better in the second novel when the surviving teens from both movies come together with Ash to put a stop to Freddy.

    • baros62

      Wes Craven’s NEW NIGHTMARE was, actually, well-received by critics and horror fans alike! I believe some people may be confusing it with one of the other not-so-great sequels.

  • Israel

    The list itself is a horror movie.

  • Smithfilmproductions .

    An American Werewolf in London is one of my favorite movies of all time. I saw it in the theater and my friends and I made out own super 8 movie version


    Hey, what about The Exorcist and The Omen (original). I can’t still watch them without someone next to me.

  • J.M.E

    Want to be truly weirded out? check out a little film called High Tension…

  • J.M.E

    oh, yeah, and DO NOT knock my boy Jason.

  • Branovices

    The thing about Nosferatu is that there are multiple cuts of it out there of varying quality. Technically the original was supposed to have been destroyed over copyright claims and the surviving versions are all pretty different from one another. Still, Murnau was a genius for his time in his use of light and shadows, and it’s worth seeing.

  • Timm

    I think this is a decent horror list. There are so many great horror films out there though. The majority of your list would not creep me out. Some of the list I’m going to add to yours are cult classics, but there are some creepy ones mixed in:

    Pet Sematary
    The Descent
    The Others
    Night of the Demons (original)
    Creepers (or Phenomena)
    Halloween (original)
    Scream (all of them)
    Event Horizon (love me some horror/sci-fi mix)
    Stir of Echoes
    High (Haute) Tension
    Grave Encounters
    The Strangers
    The Conjuring
    House of the Devil

    • Willie Beamen

      Night of the Demons 2 was way better than the original, imo. I liked both, but two is better. The third one was lame. He remake with Shannon Elizabeth was better.

  • Amanda Kline

    Enjoyed your list as some of the films I were unaware of, so thanks for not making it a by the numbers affair. Sure my list would look different…. But it’s not MY list. I think exorcist and the omen are solid flicks, personal favourite would be Cujo, but maybe that’s just me. I also enjoyed new nightmare so will give Jason x a go now.

  • Mensa Floyd

    George C. Scott’s “The Changeling”. You will send postcards, thanking me.

    • baros62

      One of my top ten! Absolutely!

    • Ryan Knight

      Oh, good. Glad someone else mentioned this. I get so irritated that literally no one I know is even aware of this one until I tell them.

  • jk

    I Know you get this all the time I know a more better horror movie but i do its 1 I cant watch ever again check it out 1970s PHANTASM really spooky stuff dudes )

    • Jarod Byrd

      man you jsut brought back some nostalgia lol, i loved the phantasm movies as a kid, i seen them all bunches, used to scare the crap out of me too lol

  • baros62

    Patrick Allen, You might want to proof-read your article before you post it online. Seems like a 10 year old tried to write something pretending to be someone older.

  • baros62

    I like a lot of what your list consists of, but ….. FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 10(JASON X)? I don’t think so!

  • Lacey Eder

    I remember buying Nightmare on Elm Street before I realized Johnny Depp was in it. His character’s death was probably the one thing I took away from that and the reason I couldn’t sleep in a bed for about 2 weeks afterwards. Definitely a creepy movie…and that’s saying a lot considering the time it was made and most of the movies from that era don’t scare me. That one got me, though, for sure. In fact, I won’t watch it again, so it’s collecting dust in my DVD collection.

    • Gabriel Chase

      There was certainly a lot of blood in Depp’s scene…

  • Colicub

    Really? The watered-down American remake of Ring over the original? REALLY? Also, Nightmare On Elm Street didn’t “launch” Wes Craven’s career, he was already a well established and respected horror director after Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes and Deadly Blessing well before. Also, Bloodsucking Freaks wasn’t that controversial at all, especially when compared to something like Blood Feast or The Exorcist.

    I too loved Jason X, and thought New Nightmare was the shot in the arm the series needed, but you’re missing some serious classics here: Hellraiser (or Hellraiser 2), Phantasm, Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch, House (either the American or Japanese one), Poltergeist, The Wicker Man (original, obviously) or Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original again). And that’s just the ones off the top of my head.

    • Jarod Byrd

      most contreversial horror movie of all time was Cannibal Holocaust, in my opinion at least. Its not really a scary story, but the gore… OMG I watched it for the first time as a grown man, an had to cover my eyes like a child lol.

  • geraldfnord

    “American Werewolf in London” has Jenny Agutter as a nurse sexier than any such a pornographic movie has ever created, perhaps because she’s
    limned as a sweet, compassionate, serious person.

  • Scott Bland

    The Ring was a huge pile of garbage. As a fan of all types of horror from the old Universal Monsters up to splatter-fest horror, I was bored to tears by this overhyped waste of film.

    • Ryan Knight

      Nah, The Ring is good…you’re a hater. A nice mystery ghost thriller in the same vein as The Changeling, with George C Scott (my favorite scary movie of all time.)

      • Scott Bland

        “you’re a hater” – the response of the ignorant.

        • Ryan Knight

          You represented your opinion about an objective topic as fact. I just did the same…. Hater ;)

  • James H Watschke

    Suspiria was so bad it was laughable. I’ve tried hard to watch it twice and see what so many horror fans do, but it’s just so bad I get headaches from the stupidity of it all.

  • Matt Archer

    I would’ve said The Grudge and although it isn’t the best film out there The Happening would’ve been good on here too

  • JJWaters

    You put the American remake of Ring in over the original Japanese version? Naomi Watts, a lame car chase right in the middle of the scariest scene and a typical, lisping “weird kid” completely ruined the whole thing.

  • Matthew Stachelek

    What about Phantasm??

  • Jon Wright

    For your next list, I’d recommend talking only about the movies that are forgotten rather than ones any human being growing up in America will hear all about long before watching (The Ring, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street). Bloodsucking Freaks, Fright Night (although I found Evil Ed to be profoundly annoying and enjoyed the remake as Colin Farrell is really great in comedy- love him hissing at the light towards the end), and Suspiria were all very respectable entries, throwing in ultra-popular horror movies derailed the list in my opinion. There are plenty of others like the aforementioned that would be great entries, love or hate (as is often the case with bold horror). I’d recommend The Descent (although it may be a little too popular and well-known), Bug, The Beyond, House, Don’t Look Now, The Orphanage, Mimic, and The Devil’s Backbone would have been nice to see on a horror movie list (especially Don’t Look Now and Bug- I thought they were profoundly disturbing despite their love/hate status with viewers) instead of same old, same old, classic, same old, watched it a dozen times, really?, kind of a cop out, oh there’s one I haven’t heard of, watched too much, same old, the end. I’m always looking for new horror movies (that are NOT anywhere related to the Saw/Japanese remake franchises) and have to say that I was very disappointed to see yet another list where the movies aren’t necessarily bad but could be mentioned briefly in the opening (I know you love Nightmare on Elm and Friday the 13th, but seriously who hasn’t heard of/watched them?) and I escaped with one I hadn’t heard of (Bloodsucking Freaks although it sounds incredibly similar to Wizard of Gore…I’ll still give it a watch). I just don’t see any need to mention titles that pop into most peoples’ minds when you say the words “Horror Movie.”

  • George Tilling

    Seriously, they where the worse picks ever.

  • Robcabob1

    Jason X…. Seriously? wasn’t that actually, like, a comedy? far from horror! More of a joke!

  • Desmond D’Silva

    Wow you really don’t know horror movies.

  • unclesamonmars

    . With a couple of exceptions, these were crappy, not creepy

  • Ryan Knight

    The writer is not trying to give the scariest movies of all time, people. Everyone and their friggin baby sisters have already done that online. He’s trying to show you a good time, and this is a pretty badass list for that. Based on the ones I know that he included, I will certainly watch the ones I haven’t. The only thing I’d ad to this list is House of 1000 Corpses. There are few movies more fun than that.

  • R-if Malick

    The Conjuring
    The Exorcist
    The Grudge
    The Ring
    Dead Silence
    The Haunting in Connecticut

    The Rite
    Case 39

  • Shane

    TOTALLY agree with “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” being completely underrated. I’ve been saying that for years. I watched it one night and I was like, “A NOES movie that’s actually scary. Imagine that.”

  • Hervoyel

    I know this is an old article and that this was written months ago but I just gotta say that the remake of Fright Night is not “craptastic” in the least. It actually works pretty well. Granted there wasn’t much need to remake Fright Night but the remake we got was not a bad film at all.

  • Tim

    The Howling creeped me out way more than American Werewolf. Actually, so did A Company of Wolves. American Werewolf is great, but not creepy.

  • Willie Beamen

    Sorry, but not a very good list. Jason X?? C’mon! I’m only gonna name one, and its one of my favorite movies. The Exorcist III is one of the scariest movies ever made. Not very many people know about it because the second one sucked soooo bad, but this one was excellent. Great acting with George C Scott and Brad Douriff. The score is enough to put you on edge, and its got two scenes that will make you jump outa your skin. Check it out… NOW!

  • Juan Cupello

    What about the exorcist (1973)????

  • Mark-Anthony

    are we talking about scary movies or hilarious ones??

  • Merrick D’Amato

    Wow… horror light weight.

  • Anthony Wilson

    the Re-Animator should have been listed.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Without HALLOWEEN this list is invalid.

  • Cole James

    I like this list (I’m forgetting you mentioned Jason X, worst in the franchise!), however I’m not sure this is necessarily a list of films that will creep you out. Pet Semetary? Halloween? I feel like this list needs a new title.