ESPN's College GameDay crew reveals a giant head of Eminem to tease Kirk Herbstreit about his odd appearance in the booth.

Giant Eminem head reunites with Kirk Herbstreit (Video)

Remember that odd appearance from Eminem in the booth with Kirk Herstreit and Brent Musburger at halftime of the Notre Dame-Michigan game? Well the College Gameday cast wasn’t going to not bring it up.

“I think that the one key question I have about this ball game: Is you and Brent’s new best friend going to join you in the booth?” Chris Fowler asks.

That’s when he produces a giant foam board cut out of Eminem’s head.

“Are we going to have another appearance?” Fowler asks. “I’d like to know if he is going to pop in for a visit?”

Fowler must be a big fan and he wants to know so he can pop in the booth as well.

They than add a plug for his Bezerk video before cutting away to the crowd holding multiple cut outs of Eminem’s head.

It was an odd appearance but it was still fun. It will be hard to top that and who knows if they have plans for any other celebrities to pop in at half-time and talk about the game. If they do though, I doubt it will be as memorable as Eminem’s.

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