Sep 14, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A

Johnny Manziel takes out a security guard (GIF)

The Alabama Crimson Tide have recovered from their slow start to pull even with the Texas A&M Aggies with a flea flicker. Before they did Texas A&M was running wild all over Alabama and quickly got a 14 point lead.

On one run late in the first quarter Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel was running towards the sideline when he inevitably ran out of bounds. It looked like he either took a long time to stop or just wasn’t all that interested in stopping right away like the run into the tunnel touchdown celebration.

As he ran past the benches he collided with a security guard and knocked him to the ground. The guard quickly popped up before Manziel could help him up but Manziel did offer him a hand and tried to help him up.

I think that Manziel ran so far on the side line to avoid slipping on a strip of some kind of material along the side line adorned with the school logo and the “12th man.”

Nevertheless I’m sure he’ll be criticized for knocking over the guard since everything he does seems to get a negative spin and their won’t be enough emphasis on the fact that he tried to help him up.

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