Has Reddit’s Famous WWE Leak Finally Been Defeated?


Not so long ago, it was brought to everyone’s attention that there was a poster on Reddit who went by the moniker of ‘Dolphon1925′ who had a pretty impressive streak going of correctly posting the outcomes of every WWE PPV match. He is not the leak himself, rather he claims to be in contact with someone with direct knowledge inside the company that was leaking information.

Nonetheless, with his track record, you couldn’t ignore the validity of his claims. He was on point–EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

But. during tonight’s Night of Champions event, the big wigs inside the biggest wrestling company on the planet may have finally pulled a fast one and ended the streak.

Not too long ago, Rob Van Dam defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification. According to a tweet from ‘Dolphin1925′ not too long after, he did man up and admit that he may have finally been defeated, as that was not the outcome he was given:


If this is true, I certainly have to give him credit. He could be a tad arrogant at times as he continually one-upped WWE management, however he graciously admitted defeat when the inevitable of WWE swerving him finally occurred.

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  • roaddogg

    but he got the rest right after that one though

    • http://saturdayblitz.com/author/jorgensen/ Jack Jorgensen

      Yeah, he did. But I think I do remember him saying that whenever he did get swerved, that he would quit posting. We’ll have to see next PPV if he lives up to his word.

  • SuperSmark

    Dolphin1925 and he was right the rest of the way and NO ONE saw D-Bry winning, the only reason I watched was to see how he will get screwed.