WWE Night of Champions Results: Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio


So far this Pay Per View has been excellent. The previous WWE Divas match was better than I thought it would be. It shows not only me but other professional wrestling fans that the Divas division in this company is still alive and well.

Right now A.J. is one of the top heels in the company.

Next up is WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio taking on Rob Van Dam.

Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam w/ Ricardo Rodriguez (World Heavyweight Championship)

First out is Mr. Monday Night aka Rob Van Dam. The man has almost 20 years of experience as a professional wrestler and will surely be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame when he’s eligible.

The home town man (born in Battle Creek, Michigan) gets a standing ovation as he makes his signature entrance into the ring.

The crowd’s reaction changes as soon as World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio’s music hits. I’m sure I’m not the only one who realizes this but, Del Rio reminds me of a Hispanic John Bradshaw-Layfield.

Ricardo Rodriguez announces Rob Van Dam as Mr. Pay Per View while Lilian Garcia announces Del Rio in Spanish like Rodriguez used too. It’s weird seeing Rodriguez in RVD’s corner.

Finally the bell sounds as the World Heavyweight Championship match kicks off with the champion hitting his opponent with a couple of kicks them a hard shoulder block. Del Rio taunts and catches a jumping kick to the chin.

He gets irish whipped into the corner and RVD takes control with a spinning wheel kick then a monkey flip that sets up a standing Moonsault. RVD takes a hard drop kick the to top of the head but takes control as Del Rio tries to rush him but falls through the middle rope.

RVD hits a springboard moonsault and rolls into the ring to break up the 10 count. He picks up the champion and drops him face down on the barricade, pulls himself onto the apron and hits his signature spinning leg drop to the back of Del Rio’s skull.

ECW chants are heard throughout the arena as the champion remains on the mat outside. RVD showboats a little bit and pulls Del Rio onto the apron. They both get put in a front-face lock looking to suplex one another but neither men allow it to happen. Del Rio drops RVD’s throat across the top rope and hits a suicide dive onto the challenger.

The champion has picked up momentum in this match up. So far it’s exactly what I thought it was going to be. Del Rio rolls RVD into the ring, picks up a two count and immediately goes back to work as he locks his opponent in a sleeper hold. RVD fights it as Ricardo tries to get the crowd on his side.

Del Rio hits a snap suplex and a kick to the back of the head on Mr. Pay Per View Rob Van Dam. He’s playing the typical heel champion, pulling off the dirty moves we are used to seeing great heel’s pull off. Del Rio connects with another clean kick to the back of the skull, picks up a two count and gets RVD in another sleeper hold.

Ricardo goes back to getting the crowd on RVD’s side as Del Rio hits a back suplex. Van Dam rolls out onto the apron and pulls himself up as the champion rushes him and knocks him off of the apron with a hard kick.

Del Rio goes to hit another suicide dive on both Ricardo and RVD but both men move out of the way allowing the champion to crash to the ground. RVD quickens the pace as he gains momentum after the champions missed opportunity. The challenger catches the champion with a spring board thrust kick but only picks up a two count.

RVD hits Del Rio with a top rope thrust kick and attempts to hit the rolling thunder but sets himself up for the back stabber by Del Rio. The champion only picks up a two count after his signature maneuver.

Both men hit each other with offensive moves but continue to stop each others momentum as soon as it gets picked up. They exchange right hands until RVD delivers a kick but runs into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Del Rio pulls RVD onto his shoulders but only picks up a two count.

Del Rio looks like he’s setting up for the cross arm breaker but catches a kick to the head. He hits a slam near the corner on Del Rio and hits a split legged moonsault but only picks up a two count. It was pretty close but the champion got his shoulder off the mat at the last second.

The crowd gets behind RVD as Del Rio hits the challenger with an arm breaker and a sharp kick to the chin. A clean kick that would have put anybody out of their misery but the 17 year veteran somehow got his shoulder off of the mat.

Alberto heads up to the top rope and looks for some sort of aerial maneuver but gets caught with a roundhouse kick. RVD pulls himself onto the top rope looking for the five star but crashes down onto Del Rios knees. Del Rio locks in a nasty cross arm breaker in the middle of the ring with the challenger fighting.

It looked like Del Rio had the match won but RVD grabbed ahold of the bottom rope. He refused to break the hold as the Ref made his five count, resulting in a disqualification.

Del Rio remains World Heavyweight Champion.

Del Rio goes to attack RVD with a chair but Ricardo stops him. RVD hits him with a DDT and the champion gets pulled to the corner. RVD pulls himself onto the top rope from across the ring and leaps across while Ricardo holds a chair into Del Rio’s face, connecting with the Van Terminator.

I haven’t seen that move in a long long time.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam 

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